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David Cameron makes emotional plea to Scotland as independence vote looms

Prime minister warns yes vote on Thursday will end UK ‘for good, for ever’ and deprive Scotland of shared currency.


Phones 4u goes into administration with 5600 jobs at risk

The closure of the retail chain that made the entrepreneur John Caudwell a multimillionaire comes after mobile network EE decided to stop selling through Phones 4u. 


Bob Geldof implores Scottish voters not to break up ‘family’

Plea made at Let’s Stay Together campaign, where thousands gather in attempt to encourage no vote in referendum.


NHS faces mounting financial crisis as deficit heads towards £1bn

Three-quarters of hospitals could be in the red by end of year without urgent government bailout, warn NHS leaders in private.


Independent Scotland should not use pound, say 63% of English and Welsh

More than six out of 10 people in England and Wales believe the government should bar an independent Scotland from using the pound, according to a Guardian/ICM poll. 


Alex Salmond backs protests against ‘bias’ shown by BBC’s Nick Robinson

The National Union of Journalists condemned attempts to intimidate journalists after Sunday’s protesters, objecting to what they regard as the BBC’s pro-union bias, said Robinson was a liar and called for him to be fired.


PM reaction to murder of aid worker David Haines

“Today, the whole country will want to express its deep sympathy for David Haines’ family. They have endured the last 18 months of David’s captivity with extraordinary courage.


Jeremy Paxman: Scandal of Britons having no say in Scottish referendum

Ex-Newsnight presenter criticises that many in the United Kingdom are banned from voting on its future.


Ukip accused of politicising child sex abuse scandal by blaming Labour

Heywood and Middleton byelection candidate John Bickley claims party betrayed girls through ‘love affair with immigration’.


Queen hopes Scottish independence voters will ‘think carefully about future’

Comment after Sunday morning service at Crathie Kirk, near Balmoral, interpreted as a boost to no campaign.


Stop this menace: UK steps closer to taking military action against Isis

David Cameron leads outrage over killing of aid worker David Haines, as Isis threatens murder of second Briton, Alan Henning. 


Ashya King to start proton therapy for brain cancer in Czech clinic

Five-year-old who was taken out of hospital in the UK by his parents faces 30 visits to the treatment centre in Prague.


Gordon Brown: This is Scotland’s moment of destiny

Interdependence, the idea behind the union, is stronger than independence, especially in a globalised world. Scotland’s vote presents an opportunity to evolve a new UK constitution founded on bringing power closer to the people.


‘We will win.’ Alistair Darling claims victory is in sight for no vote

‘Be in no doubt,’ says Better Together chief as Opinium poll for the Observer shows no vote on 53% to 47% for yes.


Orange Order anti-independence march a ‘show of pro-union strength’

Parade of 15,000 unionists passes through Edinburgh without serious incident, hoping to make decisive contribution to next week’s referendum result.


Labour stretches lead over Tories to eight points in latest poll

Support rises to 37% compared with 29% for the Tories, which would give Labour an overall majority at general election.


Alistair Darling: ‘You can be patriotic and say no to independence’

Normally calm politician is enraged by tone of Scottish campaign which has seen him face regular taunts of being a traitor.


Scottish referendum yes vote threatens market turmoil warns IMF

Vote for independence would create uncertainty, says IMF, while latest YouGov poll indicates waning support for separation.


Nigel Farage: English are being ignored in Scottish referendum debate

Ukip leader says change needed for the whole union if Scotland votes no to independence to give English a fairer deal.


Alistair Darling accuses Scottish yes camp of physical and verbal abuse

Anti-independence leader says attacks are unacceptable, and hints at possible move from Westminster to Holyrood.


Ian Paisley dies aged 88

Tributes to DUP firebrand turned Northern Ireland peacemaker pour in amid critcs’ calls not to rewrite his history.


MPs back law committing 0.7% of national income to foreign aid

Around £11bn a year will go to international aid and development after Conservatives finally back Liberal Democrat bill.


Boris Johnson selected to stand for Tories in Uxbridge and South Ruislip

The mayor of London claims candidacy is ‘act one, scene one of a very long process’ to retain seat for the Conservatives.


Nigel Farage: English are being ignored in Scottish referendum debate

Ukip leader says change needed for the whole union if Scotland votes no to independence to give English a fairer deal.


Independent Scotland ‘faces doubling of BBC licence fee’

The BBC says it must maintain its impartiality and will not comment on any issue which might sway the vote.


Scottish independence poll shows support cooling as referendum draws near

Latest YouGov poll shows support for the no vote rising by three points to 52%, leaving yes vote support four points behind.


MPs claiming more expenses now than at height of 2009 scandal

MPs under fire over claiming £103m in 2013/14, up from £98m the previous year.


Alex Salmond blasts Treasury over RBS ‘tip-off’ to BBC

First minister demands inquiry after corporation disclosed bank’s decision to move HQ to England in event of yes vote.


David Cameron overrules Philip Hammond on air strikes in Syria

Spokesman says Cameron hasn’t ruled anything out after Hammond insisted that UK won’t be taking part in strikes.


Queen would need governor general in Scotland if it leaves UK says expert

Whether to have governor general would need to be addressed, but Queen would remain head of state in independent Scotland.


RBS will leave Scotland if voters back independence

Statement follows Lloyds saying it would move head office to London to shore up credit rating if Scots back independence.


Poll boost for Scottish no campaign as party leaders make plea to voters

Scotland’s referendum battle swung back towards the no camp on Wednesday night when an opinion poll gave the pro-union side a six-point lead, suggesting the sudden surge in backing for independence had subsided. 


Carney: massive shortfall in currency reserves for independent Scotland

Bank of England governor appeared to confirm that Scotland would need substantial reserves in order to use sterling.


Cameron: Scottish referendum is not just chance to give ‘effing Tories a kick’

Prime minister mixes impassioned defence of UK with tough warning that independent Scotland could run out of money.


David Cameron in impassioned plea for Scotland to stay

Prime minister, embarking on tour with Clegg and Miliband, says yes vote would rip apart a union that is the envy of the world.


Gove says boycott of Israeli goods is sign of ‘resurgent antisemitism’

Tory chief whip attacks protesters response to Gaza conflict and comparisons between Israel’s actions and Nazi war crimes.


Party leaders take high road to Scotland in united effort to avert yes vote

Salmond derides ‘panic’ in no campaign as Cameron, Miliband and Clegg appeal to Scots and Carney warns on currency union. 


UK sends machine guns to help Iraqi forces fight Islamic State

Arms worth £1.6m sent at request of Iraq government and are also for use by Kurdish regional administration.


Billions of pounds wiped off value of Scottish-linked firms in market fright

Investors dump companies and sterling as analysts warn clients to ‘be afraid, be very afraid’ after poll lead for yes camp.


Decriminalisation of drugs for personal use under review by Lib Dems

Policy paper due for discussion at next month’s party conference also proposes an open market in cannabis.


Your Local Economy – Economic activity in your local area showcased

The site, Your Local Economy, allows people around the UK to get a snapshot view of what’s happening near them from jobs to big building projects.


MPs – UK companies should be held to account for exploitation abroad

A poll published on Monday says 71% of MPs questioned want British firms held to account in the UK for harm caused in developing countries, including allowing workers to bring civil cases in the UK.


Rotherham child abuse scandal: council chief executive to step down

Martin Kimber, chief executive of the council at the centre of the child exploitation scandal, will quit at the end of the year.


Unions say planned international trade deal poses threat to NHS

Transatlantic trade and investment partnership may make the outsourcing of national health services in Britain permanent. 


Pound slumps to 10-month low after Scottish yes campaign takes poll lead

Sterling falls sharply to lowest level since November 2013 as surge in support for pro-independence campaign rattles markets.


Scotland offered increased powers as parties unite to rally no voters

George Osborne says country will get more say in its own tax, spending and welfare after surge in support for yes campaign.


Scottish referendum: no campaign makes last stand to keep the union

Westminster parties unite over Scottish vote.


Shock new poll says Scots set to vote for independence

‘No’ campaign to offer radical deal as latest figures show 51-49% backing for end of the union.


Nigel Farage in talks with Rupert Murdoch

Ukip leader has ‘good chat’ with News Corp boss about Tory MP Douglas Carswell’s defection.


Unite boss warns Ed Miliband not to enter a coalition with Nick Clegg

As the TUC congress opens, Len McCluskey, the leader of Britain’s biggest union, says a pact with the Lib Dems could mean even less financial support for the party.


NATO Summit 2014: PM speaks at North Atlantic Council meeting

For the latest updates visit the NATO Summit Wales 2014 homepage and @NATOWales on Twitter.


NHS ‘People’s March’ campaigners arrive in London after 300-mile march

5,000 people take part in the last leg from Holborn to Trafalgar Square, raising concerns for the future of the NHS.


Philip Hammond: ‘no UK commitment to air strikes on Isis as yet’

Foreign secretary seeks to manage expectations with comments after talks between US and UK on action against Islamic State.


Bedroom tax bill splits coalition as Lib-Lab pact forces second reading

Labour MPs join with Lib Dems to defeat Tories 306 to 231 in vote on private member’s bill sponsored by Andrew George.


Scottish independence: Brown to push for more devolution in event of no vote

Ex-PM says Scotland Act would set new rate of income tax and boost borrowing powers for parliament if independence bid fails. 


UK government urged to allow NHS staff to help Africa’s fight against Ebola

Most cost-effective way ‘to control our health is control health of those around us’, say tropical disease experts in the BMJ.


E-cigarettes could save over 50,000 lives in the UK experts say

Critics of WHO bid to curb vaping believe the devices are powerful aid to help smokers quit tobacco.



David Cameron must ‘consider cooperating with Syria’ to crush Isis

Call comes from former chief of defence staff Lord Richards as Nato meets in Wales to discuss further options to defeat militants.


David Cameron and Barack Obama aim for broad-based assault on Isis

Prime minister’s rhetoric around Isis ramps up, despite there being no immediate plans for UK involvement in US air strikes.


Syria terrorism cases on rise CPS says

Figures show six convictions and several suspects awaiting trial as prosecutors deal with increase in jihadist volunteers.


David Cameron scolds Nato leaders over Islamic State ransom payments

Prime minister says payouts fund terrorism, as he tries to find a way to save captured British aid worker David Haines.


Scottish referendum: Brown and Prescott to rally Labour voters

Former PM and deputy leader will lead party rallies in key areas after poll finds third of Labour voters now back independence.


Green party to call for £10 minimum wage for all by 2020

Party leader Natalie Bennett will argue minimum wage of £6.31 should be immediately raised to living wage level.


Ed Miliband arrives in Scotland to rally no voters for referendum

Labour leader asks nation to remember one of its sons, Keir Hardie, was a founder of his party in run-up to independence poll.


David Cameron: I will not resign if Scotland votes for independence

PM says referendum has nothing to do with his future but is a clear choice for Scots between staying part of UK or leaving it. 


Britain to arm Kurds fighting Isis in northern Iraq

Senior British officer dispatched to advise Kurdish forces, but no arms will be sent to Baghdad until it has formed government. 


Alex Salmond’s vision for a fairer Scotland is a con says Ed Miliband

Labout leader dismisses SNP claims that only a yes vote in independence referendum will ensure Tories are ousted.


Nick Clegg harangued by ‘nine-year-old’ on radio over school meals

Deputy PM suspicious about ‘Rohan’ a schoolboy with detailed knowledge of policy and his criticisms during call-in show.


PM could face calls to postpone UK election if Scots vote for independence

Pressure on Cameron to take unprecedented step amid warnings that ‘constitutional meltdown’ would follow yes vote.


British military mulls implications of vote for Scottish independence

Much negotiation lies ahead if Scotland leaves the UK, not least a debate about the strategic benefits of nuclear weapons.


Tory party needs more people who have worked in Morrisons says minister

Conservatives’ message on social mobility has been diluted, warns Justine Greening as she sounds election warning.


Nicky Morgan denies she plans to back compulsory setting in schools

Education secretary says there is ‘no truth in these rumours’ as former Gove adviser says No 10 wants policy in Tory manifesto.


UK will examine ‘every possible option’ to free British hostage held by Isis

Foreign secretary also confirms that unsuccessful attempt was made to rescue British hostage and others.


Compulsory setting: schools face being forced to separate pupils by ability

Education secretary expected to enforce setting in England by asking Ofsted to make it a condition of being rated outstanding.


Isis will be squeezed out of existence says David Cameron

Prime minister’s comments seem to lay ground for coalition to force extremists out of Iraq after Baghdad calls for help.


Jack Straw – my instinct is for UK to join US air strikes against Isis

Ex-foreign secretary says jihadis pose serious threat to civilisation and UK should not be paralysed by 2003 invasion.


David Cameron warns of ‘appeasing Putin as we did Hitler’

British dilemma over Russian president’s actions in Ukraine likened to conduct of Neville Chamberlain in 1930s Munich.


Rotherham: 12 more child sex abuse victims come forward

South Yorkshire chief constable confirms more investigations as he is told to answer MPs’ questions on scandal.