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How the Charities Act Will Affect Existing Charities

The Cabinet Office published a timetable today that explains when the different sections of the new Charities Act are going to take effect.


Text of the Queen’s Speech 2016

My government will use the opportunity of a strengthening economy to deliver security for working people, to increase life chances for the most disadvantaged and to strengthen national defences.


Growth Hubs: Support for Businesses Across England

Thirty-nine growth hubs giving 4.7 million businesses across England ready access to the support they need to start up, scale up and create more jobs are now launched.


Immigration Bill 2016

The Immigration Bill has received Royal Assent, introducing a series of reforms to further crack down on illegal migration. It will ensure that the immigration system supports the best interests of the UK and those who play by the rules.


Check Your State Pension Service

This service provides a personalised estimate of what someone may receive when they reach State Pension age based on their National Insurance contributions records.


DWP Pension Tracing Website

A new DWP website has been launched by the Pension Tracing Service to help people find their lost pension savings.


Protecting Your Company from Cyber Security Attacks

Britain’s businesses are being urged to better protect themselves from cyber criminals following government research.


Server Update

The Government Online website was unavailable earlier today (7 May 2016) due to a website server update. This process has now been completed.


Government Proposals for Securing the UK’s Energy Supply

Following a consultation launched in March, a package of reforms to the Capacity Market has been confirmed.


New Framework for Businesses Selling to Government

A new Framework has been launched on the Digital Marketplace that transofrms how businesses sell their services to government.


Prime Minister’s Statement on the Hillsborough Inquest

The Prime Minister’s brief statement on the landmark Hillsborough inquest verdict.


UK Government Statement on TTIP

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has set out its arguments for the benefits of the TTIP trade agreement. They try to clarify its benefits and demolish some of the myths associated with it.


Cold Callers to be Forced to Display Phone Numbers

Cold callers will no longer be able to hide or disguise their phone numbers as Government continues to crack down on nuisance calls.


How to Renew Tax Credits Online

Tax credits can now be renewed online in a matter of minutes.  There is no need to wait until 31 July deadline to start the renewal process.


UK Assistance for Migrant Crisis in Turkey

Immigration Minister confirms UK contribution to EU/Turkey deal.


Report Material Promoting Terrorism

The Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit has launched a campaign to encourage the public to report online material which promotes terrorism or extremism.


Government Appoints First National Technology Adviser

Government announces Liam Maxwell as the first National Technology Adviser.


UK Cyber Security Annual Report

In 2010, the National Security Strategy identified cyber as a Tier 1 threat to the UK. In November 2011, we published the UK National Cyber Security Strategy.


National STOP Terrorists Campaign 15 April 2016

The national Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit will be running a period of extended activity from 7am this Friday (15/4), to support the STOP terrorists’ and extremists’ online presence campaign.


David Cameron’s Statement on His Tax Affairs

Dealing with my own circumstances first, yesterday I published all the information in my tax returns not just for the last year, but for the last 6 years.


Limited Progress Made With Tower Hamlets Council

Tower Hamlets council has made some progress under the supervision of government appointed commissioners but is still some way off the return of functions according to Communities Secretary Greg Clark.


HS2 Regional Supply Roadshows 2016

HS2 Ltd, the company responsible for the design, engineering and construction of Britain’s new high speed rail network has today (12th April) announced dates and locations for its regional Supply Chain Roadshows 2016.


Government Task Force on the Panama Papers

The Prime Minister, David Cameron, has announced a new taskforce to deal with the so-called Panama Papers.


New Measures to Stop Company Tax Evasion

The UK will bring forward plans to introduce a criminal offence for corporations who fail to stop their staff facilitating tax evasion.


Stopping Terrorism and Extremist Material – 15 April 2016

On Friday 15th April, a 36 hour period of extended activity will take place to support the STOP Terrorists’ and Extremists’ Online Presence campaign.


Declaration of Prime Minister’s Tax Affairs

Summary and explanation of the PM’s tax affairs covering his final year as Leader of the Opposition and all years as Prime Minister.


UK Calls for Global Action to End Modern Slavery

Minister for Preventing Abuse, Exploitation and Crime shares lessons of UK leadership in tackling modern slavery with global representatives at the UN.


Advice on Scarlet Fever

Scarlet fever is in the peak season and Public health England reports a high number of notifications.


Buying Tablets for Schools

Schools should register their initial interest by 6 May 2016 to buy tablet devices using collective buying power.


Companies House: Register of People with Significant Control

From today (6 April 2016) companies will have to hold a register of People with Significant Control (PSC).


Government Response to Tax Evasion Claims

HMRC can confirm that we have already received a great deal of information on offshore companies, including in Panama, from a wide range of sources, which is currently the subject of intensive investigation.


Preference for British Steel in Public Sector Contracts

Plans for British steel companies to compete on level playing field for public sector contracts announced.


UK Response to Argentina’s Claims Over the Falkand Islands

The UK Government remains in no doubt over the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands, nor of the right of the islanders to determine their own future.


SME Credit Data Sharing Scheme

Boost for small businesses seeking finance thanks to government data sharing scheme.


New Cyber Security Operations Centre Announced

In a move to further strengthen the UK’s cyber defences, the Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has announced that over £40 million will be spent on a new Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC).


Tax Changes April 2016

Tax changes coming into effect this week will see Britain’s businesses benefit from lower taxes.


Tata Steel – Government Options

The government is considering what options are appropritate for trying to save Tata Steel, now the decision to sell it has been made by its parent company.


Online Applications for Bankruptcy – April 2016

It will no longer be necessary to make a court application to file for bankrutcy from April 2016.  Instead, it will be possible to make an application via the government’s main website, at which point it will be assessed by an Adjudicator employed by the Insolvency Service. The service will thus be quicker and cheaper to use.


Changes to Tier 2 Visas – March 2016

Visa changes to reduce reliance on foreign workers.


New Tax Changes 2016

Finance Bill introduces measures to provide opportunity for families, back British business and tackle multinational tax avoidance.


Centre for Defence Enterprise Marketplace 2016

Investors can request an invite to the event to be held at the Royal Society in London. The aim of the Marketplace is to showcase innovations from some of our funding competitions to potential investors, from the defence market and wider, to increase the likelihood of exploitation.


Intellectual Property Training Courses 2016

These courses offer brand new content for 2016 and each module provides a practical understanding of the latest developments in intellectual property (IP) law.


Government Meeting – Brussels Terrorist Attack

Senior officials met this afternoon to review the situation following this morning’s explosions in Brussels.


Prime Minister’s Statement on Migration 21 March 2016

The Prime Minister gave a statement in the House of Commons on the European Council agreement about the migration crisis in Europe.


David Cameron’s Letter to Iain Duncan Smith

David Cameron has written to the now ex-Work and Pensions Secretary after his surprise resignation.


Budget 2016 – Main Announcements

The Chancellor has presented his Budget to Parliament – here’s a summary of what was announced.