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The News section lists important news items recently published, regarding government policy and issues affecting UK citizens.


David Cameron promises to cut taxes and scrap Human Rights Act

Cameron casts his party as trade union for hardworking people in his final party conference speech before general election.


MoD awards £3.2bn in contracts for UKs naval bases and Royal Navy fleet

Deals said to secure 1,500 jobs at Faslane on the Clyde, up to 4,000 at Devonport and more than 2,000 at Portsmouth.


David Cameron pledges to protect the English NHS budget in real terms

Prime minister attempts to remove the public health service from becoming Labours potential election-winning weapon.


Scottish Tory leader refuses to rule out pact with SNP in hung parliament

Ruth Davidson admits minority or coalition government is likely and tells fringe meeting the numbers do the talking on this.


David Cameron defends plans to cut benefits for working poor

PM says plans for £3bn-a-year cuts set out by George Osborne are better than reducing benefits for wealthier pensioners.


What are Theresa May’s new extremism disruption orders?

Analysis: Home Secretarys plans to ban extremists from accessing web and TV could affect non-violent political activists.


GP access seven days a week by 2020 guaranteed under Tories Cameron

PM backs measure with £100m and promises that every patient will have a named GP responsible for their care outside hospital.


David Cameron: schools should teach mainly in imperial measurements

PM says he would still go for pounds and ounces over metric system in Newsnight interview.


Theresa May plans new powers to ban extremists from TV appearances

Gagging order with echoes of Sinn Féin ban aimed at those who undertake activities for the purpose of overthrowing democracy.


George Osborne aims at tax credits and benefits in new squeeze on working poor

Chancellor gambles on austerity in speech to Conservative conference outlining plans which will hit 10m households.


George Osborne – UK working-age benefits to be frozen for two years

Chancellor outlines £25bn of spending cuts and rules out out tax rises in bid to tackle UKs dangerously high national debt.


Peter Nunn jailed for abusive tweets to MP Stella Creasy

Court sentences man to 18 weeks jail for bombarding politician with abuse on Twitter over Jane Austen £10 note campaign.


MP refers Sunday Mirror to police and press regulator over sex sting

Mark Pritchard to complain to Scotland Yard and Ipso over entrapment that led to Brooks Newmark’s resignation.


Court delivers landmark victory on Lloyds TSBs overdraft charges

A landmark court victory against Lloyds Bank over unfair overdraft charges could open the floodgates for a billion-pound payout to other customers, if the courts rule later this year that the case has wider implications.


Tory MP Mark Reckless defects to Ukip

MP for Rochester and Strood makes announcement on stage at Ukip conference in Doncaster.


Cabinet Office minister Brooks Newmark resigns

MP for Braintree steps aside from role as minister for civil society after being notified of a story to be published on Sunday.


Conservatives plan to diminish European courts authority

Move to prevent European court of human rights overruling UK legal decisions will be in Tory manifesto, says justice secretary.


Bombing against Isis to start in hours as MPs back new Iraq war

Conflict meets little Commons resistance, as prime minister David Cameron claims this will not be shock and awe.


George Galloway angers MPs with comment about quiescent Iraqis

Respect MP tells Commons debate Isis is a death cult, but not an army, and cannot be destroyed by aerial bombardment.


Nigel Farage blames Labours political correctness for Rotherham scandal

Ukip leader uses conference speech to hit back at critics who accuse his party of using child abuse scandal for political purposes.


UK owes our citizens unpaid welfare say Slovakia and Czech Republic

Benefits due under EU law for Czechs and Slovaks who worked in Britain and are now unemployed, governments claim.


Passport Office to be stripped of agency status after soaring summer backlog

Home secretary says Passport Office to be made directly accountable to ministers with chief executive effectively sacked.


Ukip vows to slash immigration and cut taxes in pitch for blue collar vote

Before Nigel Farages speech, Ukip unveils policies to appeal to working man, focusing on immigration controls and British values.


Parliament to be recalled to endorse UK air strikes in Iraq

Opposition leader Ed Miliband has told the PM he will support UK involvement in Iraq, but not at this stage in Syria.


Labour lays out plans to tackle issue of low paid workers from Europe

Shadow home secretary says Labour will make it a criminal offence to use low-skilled workers to undercut local businesses.


Public sector strikes loom as civil servants NHS and council staff plan action

Up to a quarter of a million civil servants will take industrial action over pay and conditions on 15 October, union says.


George Osborne likely to miss deficit reduction target as UK borrowing rises

Increase fuelled by weak tax receipts means chancellor may have to unveil further cuts or raise taxes to meet targets in time for 2015 election.



Ed Milibands £2.5bn pledge puts NHS at heart of election battle

Labour leader promises 20,000 more nurses, while Tories seize on forgotten section of speech made without notes.



UN Climate Summit 2014 – David Cameron’s Remarks

Climate change is one of the most serious threats facing our world. And it is not just a threat to the environment. It is also a threat to our national security, to global security, to poverty eradication and to economic prosperity.


David Cameron says Queen purred down line after Scotland no vote

Sky News catches prime minister on camera appearing to breach convention of never revealing conversations with monarch.


Labour vows to scrap net migration target

Yvette Cooper, the shadow home secretary, says target has completely distorted governments policy on immigration.


William Hague throws down gauntlet to Labour over Scottish MPs voting rights

The leader of the House of Commons called on Labour to clarify its thinking by the time of the election in May, as an opinion poll showed that nearly two-thirds of voters believe Scottish MPs should be banned from voting on English-only matters at Westminster. 


Ed Miliband: tax on tobacco giants will boost NHS

Labour leader will tell sceptical voters in speech to Labour party conference that he can bring the country back together.


David Cameron to meet Iran leader over Isis campaign

PM to meet Hassan Rouhani in New York for first bilateral talks in decades, signalling improvement in countries relations.


SNP poised to become one of UKs largest political parties

Scottish National party announces that membership has jumped 70% in four days, with more than 18,000 people joining.


Scottish referendum vote-rigging claims spark calls for recount

Tens of thousands sign petitions wanting recount or fresh vote based on videos that purport to show evidence of electoral fraud.


Defeat of Isis cannot be achieved without ground troops says Tony Blair

In essay on threat posed by group, former UK prime minister says Britain and other nations must form wide-ranging coalition.


Alex Salmond accuses UK party leaders of tricking Scotland into No vote

Outgoing first minister says row between Cameron and Miliband shows devolution ‘vow’ was desperate bid to avert independence.


No 10 states David Cameron will deliver on Scottish devolution promise

Downing Street moves to clarify intent after Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling challenge PM on voting rights for Scottish MPs.


Miliband rejects PM’s call to link Scottish devolution to English reforms

Labour leader says new powers for Scotland should not be linked to ban on Scottish MPs voting on English matters.


Gordon Brown says Scotland devolution promises will be kept

Former UK prime minister also praises Scotland’s first minister Alex Salmond and calls on yes and no camps to unite.


Labour attacks prime minister’s constitutional reform proposals

Party fights back against Tory attempts to link timetable for Scottish devolution to constitutional reform in England.


Ed Miliband warned not to let legacy of Iraq war block action against Isis

Labour frontbenchers Gemma Doyle and Stephen Doughty say UK military intervention remains vital to save lives.


Ed Miliband pledges big pay rise for Britain’s poorest workers

Labour leader says he would raise minimum wage to £8 by 2020 in move that ‘reveals core party values’.


Alex Salmond resigns as first minister after Scotland rejects independence

Leader of the Scottish National party will stand down in November, as the vote foreshadowed months of constitutional turmoil.


Violence in Glasgow as loyalists attack pro-independence supporters

Six arrests as young men shout loyalist slogans and racist abuse and appear to make Nazi salutes, as well as chanting Rule Britannia.


Labour proposes devolution settlement to ‘shape own futures’

Ed Miliband unveils plans for constitutional convention and stresses need for dialogue about how power is dispersed.


NHS workers back strike action in pay row by 2-to-1 margin

Unison members in England including nurses, porters and paramedics vote for first pay strike in 32 years.


Russia cries foul over Scottish independence vote

Russian observers say referendum count took place in rooms that were too big and did not meet international standards.


Cameron answers ‘English question’ and conjures nightmare for Miliband

English votes for English laws pledge could tighten the Tories grip on power and reduce Scotland’s voice at Westminster.


Scotland rejects independence with No winning 55% of vote

Majority reject Scottish first minister Alex Salmond’s plan to become a separate nation and choose to stay in UK.


Scottish Independence Referendum – Statement by the Prime Minister

Following the outcome of the Scottish Independence Referendum, Prime Minster David Cameron gave a statement to media at Downing Street. He said:


Alex Salmond accepts defeat and presses for new Holyrood powers

First minister says pro-independence vote was ‘substantial’ and he expects fast delivery of measures for Scottish parliament 


Yvette Cooper plans legal powers to stop girls at risk of FGM travelling

Shadow home secretary says Labour plans protection orders letting civil courts intervene to prevent female genital mutilation. 


Andy Murray on Scottish independence vote: ‘Let’s do this!’

Wimbledon champion tweets apparent endorsement of yes vote in referendum, criticising negativity of the no side.


Delays to welfare payments for disabled people ‘unacceptable’ admits Minister

Just under 40% of cases registered for Personal Independence Payment have been cleared in 16 months, says Mark Harper.


End of student cap was ‘sprung on universities’, ex-special adviser admits

Nick Hillman says government plans for a free-for-all ignored issues of university entry standards and how to fund enrolment. 


Scottish referendum campaigns make final pitches in last 24 hours before vote

Yes and no campaign leaders out in force across Scotland, as Alistair Darling admits vote will go ‘right down to the wire’.


Gordon Brown in passionate appeal to wavering Labour voters

The former prime minister refers to the ‘risks of the known’ an ‘economic trapdoor’ from which Scotland might never escape.


Spain says it could take independent Scotland years to win EU membership

Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy 


Nick Clegg says more Scotland powers must mean changes at Westminster

Rules on Scottish MPs voting on England-only issues should be altered if the no vote wins, says deputy prime minister.


Shetland may reconsider its place in Scotland after yes vote says Carmichael

Scotland secretary says if the islands were to vote no but national vote was a yes, Shetland would consider its options.


Scottish police chairman condemns no campaign for exaggerating aggression

Brian Docherty says Scotland is not ‘on verge of social disintegration’ as media and some activists have said.


Politicians’ Scottish funding pledge brings anger from rest of the UK

MPs and council leaders unhappy with David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband’s joint promise in Daily Record.


Bill Clinton says Scotland should remain part of the United Kingdom

Former US president says uncertainties over how country would be run had led him to believe no vote would be most beneficial.


Leading Scottish businessman rejects Salmond’s currency union proposals

Sir Tom Hunter says about the pound sterling: ‘there’s no question that the way we are currently is best for business’.


Government system ‘fails to address conflicts of interest’ at academy schools

Payments to trustees and executives and conflicts such as in Birmingham ‘Trojan horse’ schools rarely detected, says report.


Ed Miliband forced to abandon walkabout in Edinburgh

Labour leader harangued by pro-Scottish independence protesters shouting abuse amid media crush.


UK party leaders issue joint pledge to give Scottish parliament new powers

David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg promise extensive new powers for Holyrood if Scotland votes no.


Independent Scotland will face NHS budget cuts says Alistair Darling

No-campaign leader accuses Alex Salmond of deceiving voters about health funding shortfall and planned spending cuts.


David Cameron makes emotional plea to Scotland as independence vote looms

Prime minister warns yes vote on Thursday will end UK ‘for good, for ever’ and deprive Scotland of shared currency.


Phones 4u goes into administration with 5600 jobs at risk

The closure of the retail chain that made the entrepreneur John Caudwell a multimillionaire comes after mobile network EE decided to stop selling through Phones 4u. 


Bob Geldof implores Scottish voters not to break up ‘family’

Plea made at Let’s Stay Together campaign, where thousands gather in attempt to encourage no vote in referendum.


NHS faces mounting financial crisis as deficit heads towards £1bn

Three-quarters of hospitals could be in the red by end of year without urgent government bailout, warn NHS leaders in private.


Independent Scotland should not use pound, say 63% of English and Welsh

More than six out of 10 people in England and Wales believe the government should bar an independent Scotland from using the pound, according to a Guardian/ICM poll. 


Alex Salmond backs protests against ‘bias’ shown by BBC’s Nick Robinson

The National Union of Journalists condemned attempts to intimidate journalists after Sunday’s protesters, objecting to what they regard as the BBC’s pro-union bias, said Robinson was a liar and called for him to be fired.


PM reaction to murder of aid worker David Haines

“Today, the whole country will want to express its deep sympathy for David Haines’ family. They have endured the last 18 months of David’s captivity with extraordinary courage.


Jeremy Paxman: Scandal of Britons having no say in Scottish referendum

Ex-Newsnight presenter criticises that many in the United Kingdom are banned from voting on its future.


Ukip accused of politicising child sex abuse scandal by blaming Labour

Heywood and Middleton byelection candidate John Bickley claims party betrayed girls through ‘love affair with immigration’.


Queen hopes Scottish independence voters will ‘think carefully about future’

Comment after Sunday morning service at Crathie Kirk, near Balmoral, interpreted as a boost to no campaign.


Stop this menace: UK steps closer to taking military action against Isis

David Cameron leads outrage over killing of aid worker David Haines, as Isis threatens murder of second Briton, Alan Henning. 


Ashya King to start proton therapy for brain cancer in Czech clinic

Five-year-old who was taken out of hospital in the UK by his parents faces 30 visits to the treatment centre in Prague.


Gordon Brown: This is Scotland’s moment of destiny

Interdependence, the idea behind the union, is stronger than independence, especially in a globalised world. Scotland’s vote presents an opportunity to evolve a new UK constitution founded on bringing power closer to the people.


‘We will win.’ Alistair Darling claims victory is in sight for no vote

‘Be in no doubt,’ says Better Together chief as Opinium poll for the Observer shows no vote on 53% to 47% for yes.


Orange Order anti-independence march a ‘show of pro-union strength’

Parade of 15,000 unionists passes through Edinburgh without serious incident, hoping to make decisive contribution to next week’s referendum result.


Labour stretches lead over Tories to eight points in latest poll

Support rises to 37% compared with 29% for the Tories, which would give Labour an overall majority at general election.


Alistair Darling: ‘You can be patriotic and say no to independence’

Normally calm politician is enraged by tone of Scottish campaign which has seen him face regular taunts of being a traitor.


Scottish referendum yes vote threatens market turmoil warns IMF

Vote for independence would create uncertainty, says IMF, while latest YouGov poll indicates waning support for separation.


Nigel Farage: English are being ignored in Scottish referendum debate

Ukip leader says change needed for the whole union if Scotland votes no to independence to give English a fairer deal.


Alistair Darling accuses Scottish yes camp of physical and verbal abuse

Anti-independence leader says attacks are unacceptable, and hints at possible move from Westminster to Holyrood.


Ian Paisley dies aged 88

Tributes to DUP firebrand turned Northern Ireland peacemaker pour in amid critcs’ calls not to rewrite his history.


MPs back law committing 0.7% of national income to foreign aid

Around £11bn a year will go to international aid and development after Conservatives finally back Liberal Democrat bill.


Boris Johnson selected to stand for Tories in Uxbridge and South Ruislip

The mayor of London claims candidacy is ‘act one, scene one of a very long process’ to retain seat for the Conservatives.


Nigel Farage: English are being ignored in Scottish referendum debate

Ukip leader says change needed for the whole union if Scotland votes no to independence to give English a fairer deal.


Independent Scotland ‘faces doubling of BBC licence fee’

The BBC says it must maintain its impartiality and will not comment on any issue which might sway the vote.


Scottish independence poll shows support cooling as referendum draws near

Latest YouGov poll shows support for the no vote rising by three points to 52%, leaving yes vote support four points behind.


MPs claiming more expenses now than at height of 2009 scandal

MPs under fire over claiming £103m in 2013/14, up from £98m the previous year.


Alex Salmond blasts Treasury over RBS ‘tip-off’ to BBC

First minister demands inquiry after corporation disclosed bank’s decision to move HQ to England in event of yes vote.


David Cameron overrules Philip Hammond on air strikes in Syria

Spokesman says Cameron hasn’t ruled anything out after Hammond insisted that UK won’t be taking part in strikes.


Queen would need governor general in Scotland if it leaves UK says expert

Whether to have governor general would need to be addressed, but Queen would remain head of state in independent Scotland.


RBS will leave Scotland if voters back independence

Statement follows Lloyds saying it would move head office to London to shore up credit rating if Scots back independence.


Poll boost for Scottish no campaign as party leaders make plea to voters

Scotland’s referendum battle swung back towards the no camp on Wednesday night when an opinion poll gave the pro-union side a six-point lead, suggesting the sudden surge in backing for independence had subsided. 


Carney: massive shortfall in currency reserves for independent Scotland

Bank of England governor appeared to confirm that Scotland would need substantial reserves in order to use sterling.


Cameron: Scottish referendum is not just chance to give ‘effing Tories a kick’

Prime minister mixes impassioned defence of UK with tough warning that independent Scotland could run out of money.


David Cameron in impassioned plea for Scotland to stay

Prime minister, embarking on tour with Clegg and Miliband, says yes vote would rip apart a union that is the envy of the world.


Gove says boycott of Israeli goods is sign of ‘resurgent antisemitism’

Tory chief whip attacks protesters response to Gaza conflict and comparisons between Israel’s actions and Nazi war crimes.


Party leaders take high road to Scotland in united effort to avert yes vote

Salmond derides ‘panic’ in no campaign as Cameron, Miliband and Clegg appeal to Scots and Carney warns on currency union. 


UK sends machine guns to help Iraqi forces fight Islamic State

Arms worth £1.6m sent at request of Iraq government and are also for use by Kurdish regional administration.


Billions of pounds wiped off value of Scottish-linked firms in market fright

Investors dump companies and sterling as analysts warn clients to ‘be afraid, be very afraid’ after poll lead for yes camp.


Decriminalisation of drugs for personal use under review by Lib Dems

Policy paper due for discussion at next month’s party conference also proposes an open market in cannabis.


Your Local Economy – Economic activity in your local area showcased

The site, Your Local Economy, allows people around the UK to get a snapshot view of what’s happening near them from jobs to big building projects.


MPs – UK companies should be held to account for exploitation abroad

A poll published on Monday says 71% of MPs questioned want British firms held to account in the UK for harm caused in developing countries, including allowing workers to bring civil cases in the UK.


Rotherham child abuse scandal: council chief executive to step down

Martin Kimber, chief executive of the council at the centre of the child exploitation scandal, will quit at the end of the year.


Unions say planned international trade deal poses threat to NHS

Transatlantic trade and investment partnership may make the outsourcing of national health services in Britain permanent. 


Pound slumps to 10-month low after Scottish yes campaign takes poll lead

Sterling falls sharply to lowest level since November 2013 as surge in support for pro-independence campaign rattles markets.


Scotland offered increased powers as parties unite to rally no voters

George Osborne says country will get more say in its own tax, spending and welfare after surge in support for yes campaign.


Scottish referendum: no campaign makes last stand to keep the union

Westminster parties unite over Scottish vote.


Shock new poll says Scots set to vote for independence

‘No’ campaign to offer radical deal as latest figures show 51-49% backing for end of the union.


Nigel Farage in talks with Rupert Murdoch

Ukip leader has ‘good chat’ with News Corp boss about Tory MP Douglas Carswell’s defection.


Unite boss warns Ed Miliband not to enter a coalition with Nick Clegg

As the TUC congress opens, Len McCluskey, the leader of Britain’s biggest union, says a pact with the Lib Dems could mean even less financial support for the party.


NATO Summit 2014: PM speaks at North Atlantic Council meeting

For the latest updates visit the NATO Summit Wales 2014 homepage and @NATOWales on Twitter.


NHS ‘People’s March’ campaigners arrive in London after 300-mile march

5,000 people take part in the last leg from Holborn to Trafalgar Square, raising concerns for the future of the NHS.


Philip Hammond: ‘no UK commitment to air strikes on Isis as yet’

Foreign secretary seeks to manage expectations with comments after talks between US and UK on action against Islamic State.


Bedroom tax bill splits coalition as Lib-Lab pact forces second reading

Labour MPs join with Lib Dems to defeat Tories 306 to 231 in vote on private member’s bill sponsored by Andrew George.


Scottish independence: Brown to push for more devolution in event of no vote

Ex-PM says Scotland Act would set new rate of income tax and boost borrowing powers for parliament if independence bid fails. 


UK government urged to allow NHS staff to help Africa’s fight against Ebola

Most cost-effective way ‘to control our health is control health of those around us’, say tropical disease experts in the BMJ.


E-cigarettes could save over 50,000 lives in the UK experts say

Critics of WHO bid to curb vaping believe the devices are powerful aid to help smokers quit tobacco.



David Cameron must ‘consider cooperating with Syria’ to crush Isis

Call comes from former chief of defence staff Lord Richards as Nato meets in Wales to discuss further options to defeat militants.


David Cameron and Barack Obama aim for broad-based assault on Isis

Prime minister’s rhetoric around Isis ramps up, despite there being no immediate plans for UK involvement in US air strikes.


Syria terrorism cases on rise CPS says

Figures show six convictions and several suspects awaiting trial as prosecutors deal with increase in jihadist volunteers.


David Cameron scolds Nato leaders over Islamic State ransom payments

Prime minister says payouts fund terrorism, as he tries to find a way to save captured British aid worker David Haines.


Scottish referendum: Brown and Prescott to rally Labour voters

Former PM and deputy leader will lead party rallies in key areas after poll finds third of Labour voters now back independence.


Green party to call for £10 minimum wage for all by 2020

Party leader Natalie Bennett will argue minimum wage of £6.31 should be immediately raised to living wage level.