Government Online has been in operation for over 10 years. It was originally developed prior to the launch of UK Online (now www.direct.gov.uk) as a platform to enable interagency communication among Government Departments and Agencies, and also to offer free access to relevant contact information to the general public. As of November 2011, it is now under new management and will continue to pursue its original objectives while expanding across a range of more diverse areas, such as news, guidance and comment.


The one defining aspect of Government Online is that the information it provides is free, and will continue to be free, now and in the coming future.




Government Tenders


We provide an extensive selection of government tenders to help companies secure business in the public sector. We’re well aware in these difficult times that companies are looking for any avenue to generate business and continue to thrive. Completely free access to full tender adverts can be a key means of givingenterprises of all kinds a competitive edge they might not otherwise have. http://www.government-online.net/government-tenders/


Tender Guidance


Many companies have a fairly limited understanding of the tender process. As we possess in-depth expertise on the subject, we will provide regular, updated advice on tackling the tender process, and on finding ways to increase public sector business. Even with all the current economic woes (as of November 2011) the public sector remains a gigantic marketplace valued in many billions, and offering consistent commercial opportunities to an enormous variety of companies, large and small. http://www.government-online.net/tender-guidance/


Government Directory


The Government Online Database on the old Government Online site was a comprehensive database of Central, Regional and Local Government, the Police, Courts, NHS, and Higher Education institutions. We will gradually provide an alternative, up to date version, starting first with Central Government. As yet we’re unsure as to whether we would offer the same detail as in the past, but it’s clear that a map of the public sector for the general public could still be very useful.  http://www.government-online.net/government-directory/.




We will address many of the contemporary issues affecting the government and citizenry of the UK.