Asbestos Removal Contract Bury

Asbestos Removal Contract Bury

Bury Town Hall – Town Hall Plant Room Asbestos Removal.

Opportunity Id
15611 – Bury Town Hall – Town Hall Plant Room Asbestos Removal
390000 – Works – Construction, Repair & Maintenance
Please find attached the following documents which comprise the tender documentation: Document A – Scope of Works Document B – Schedule of Works Document C – Preliminaries Document D – Basement Plan Document E – Site Plan Document F – Form of Tender Document G – Thermal Insulation Specification Document H – Management Report Document I – Questionnaire Your tender submission is to comprise: Fully priced Schedule of Works (Document B) Fully priced Form of Tender (Document F) *Completed Questionnaire (Document I) These tender submissions shall only be sent electronically via the CHEST system. The tender submission must reach the electronic mail box of Bury MBC no later than: 12 noon on the 29th January 2016. Works will commence onsite 22nd February 2016. Your tender submission must not be made by any other method. ASB5 must be submitted with a view to starting onsite on the 22nd February 2016. The contract period will be 5 weeks. Please acknowledge receipt of this letter and enclosures and confirm your willingness to submit a tender in accordance with these instructions. *There is no requirement to submit the contractor questionnaire with your tender. Only the successful contractor will be required to submit the completed document within 2 days of notice. However, the matters set out in the questionnaire require consideration prior to making any tender submission. If requested to submit the completed document all questions must be answered. Failure to complete this questionnaire fully and or provide answers which do not meet / exceed the minimum standards set out at Appendix A, may result in your tender being rejected. Only companies who hold a full 3 year license, are fully audited members of ARCA and have not received a prohibition notice in the last 5 years from the HSE will be considered for this contract.
Region(s) of supply
Greater Manchester
Estimated value
Asbestos Removal

Key dates

Estimated contract dates

Start date
End date

Expression of interest window

From 08/01/2016 09:18 to 29/01/2016 09:18

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Contact details

Bury Council
David Winterbottom
0161 253 6617
3 Knowsley Place, Level 2

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