Asbestos Removal Works Paisley

Asbestos Removal Works Paisley

Asbestos Removal Works at the Russell Institute, Paisley.


1 Authority Details


Authority Name and Address

Renfrewshire Council

Corporate Procurement Unit, Renfrewshire House, Cotton Street,




Douglas McEwan

+44 1416187033


Address from which documentation may be obtained

As in 1.1


Completed documents must be returned to:

As in 1.1

2 Contract Details



Asbestos Removal Works at the Russell Institute, Paisley


Description of the goods or services required

The Director of Finance and Corporate Services, on behalf of Renfrewshire Council (the “Council”), is seeking to appoint a suitably licensed, qualified, experienced and competent Contractor to undertake asbestos removal works at The Russell Institute, Paisley.

The Council is planning to establish a Skills and Employability Hub at the Russell Institute. The building is category A listed and this project is a key element of the Council’s commitment to the longer term regeneration of Paisley Town Centre.

The Russell Institute was constructed circa 1926 using the highest quality materials available at the time. The building has been unoccupied for approximately 2 years however it remains in generally good condition. In order for the building to be reoccupied, restoration, alteration and improvement works require to be carried out.

Prior to the restoration, alteration and improvement works commencing on site the Council requires the building to be free of asbestos materials. This will involve either the complete removal of asbestos containing materials or their encapsulation.

NOTE: The buyer is using PCS-Tender to carry out this procurement process. Please note this is a separate website and if you are not already registered, registration will be required.

To access PCS-Tender, record your interest in this notice and access the tender documentation please visit and search for project Code 3381 under s Open to All Suppliers. Please use the Search/Filter function, then select Project Code from the dropdown. Please note that once you have expressed interest in the it will move to your My s area.

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Notice Coding and Classification

181000 Asbestos Removal

150 Glasgow & Strathclyde


Total quantity or scope of tender

The following is an overview of the works required. Contractors are recommended to visit the site to fully acquaint themselves to the nature and full extent of the works.

Ground to second floor cupboards and wall voids;

~Remove asbestos pipe insulation (Approx. 12m).

~Remove asbestos debris and residues from ceilings, walls and floor.

Ground floor voids and solum;

~Wrap, cut and remove asbestos insulated and contaminated pipes (Approx. 80m).

~Remove encapsulated asbestos residues and debris from walls and ceiling (Approx. 120m2).

~Fill, encapsulate and level complete solum floor area with whindust blinding to a thickness of 50mm. Include for expansion foam and visqueen ecomembrane. Apply 100mm thick lean mix concrete to entire solum. (Please note that floor area is encapsulated with Cordex) (Approx. 120m2)

Basement Plant Room and Lift M/C Room;

~Remove asbestos residues and debris from walls and ceilings. All paint to be removed, walls back to brick.

~Remove pipe flange gaskets (Approx. 12nr)

Level 3 Landing Ceiling Void;

~Remove asbestos cement panel heaters (Approx. 4nr).

Level 1 Lobby Landing;

~Remove millboard panels from underside of benches (Approx. 1m2).

Ground Floor Room;

~Remove asbestos cement door panels from cupboard (Approx. 3m2).


~Remove and dispose of flashguards

3 Conditions for Participation


Minimum standards and qualification required

1) Eligibility to Contract – Tenderers will be required to confirm that none of the criteria in respect to Regulation 23 (Criteria for the rejection of economic operators) of the Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2012 apply.

2) Capacity to Contract – The Tenderer must confirm that, to the best of their knowledge, there is no inhibition, restriction, or prohibition which in any way affects the capacity of the Tenderer so to contract.

3) Adequate Insurance Provision – Tenderers must evidence the under-noted insurance provision being in place or provide confirmation that in the event of success in the tender process, the under-noted insurance provision will be put in place:

~ Employer’s Liability – minimum indemnity limit of GBP5m;

~ Third Party Liability – minimum indemnity limit of GBP5m;

~ Contractor All Risk – minimum indemnity limit of GBP65k;

~ Motor Insurance – minimum indemnity limit of GBP5m.

4) Suitable Health & Safety policies & practices – Tenderers must evidence robust health and safety policies and processes in operation. Tenderers will also be required to provide a copy of their up to date, and signed, Health & Safety Policy.

5) Experience, track record and references – Tenderers must confirm that they have previous experience in carrying out the type of work required by this contract and must provide a copy of their current asbestos licence. Tenderers must evidence this experience by providing details of relevant contracts and also provide contact details of previous clients / employers who would be willing to provide references.

6) Complaints procedure, Project Manager & escalation points – Tenderers must provide a detailed and robust complaint procedure and evidence contact details for the proposed Project Manager together with escalation points within the organisation.

7) Compliance with all relevant statutory obligations (e.g. Equal Opportunities etc) – Tenderers are required to complete the Equalities Questionnaire and Equalities Declaration form provided with the tender documentation. Tenderers will also be required to provide their up to date Equalities Policy.

8) A Quality Policy / Quality Assurance system assessed by the Council as adequate – Tenderers must provide details of any Quality Assurance System in place within their organisation. Tenderers who do not operate a Quality Assurance System, must attach a copy of their organisations Quality Policy.

9) Environmental Management Policies, Systems & Practices – Tenderers must provide details of any accredited Environmental Management System in place within their organisation.

10) Blacklists – Tenderers must confirm that they do not use blacklists to exclude employees or potential employees on grounds of trade union membership or trade union activities and will not use them in the future.

11) Compliance with Conditions of Contract – Tenderers must confirm compliance or qualifications proposed must be deemed acceptable by the Council.

12) Compliance with Specification and Scope of the Works – Tenderers must confirm compliance or qualifications proposed must be deemed acceptable by the Council.

13) Completeness of Submission – Tender Submissions must be sufficiently complete to enable a full and detailed evaluation of all components of the bid to be undertaken.

14) Tender Declaration and Supplementary Documents – Tenderers must complete and submit their signed Declaration Page and supplementary documentation forming part of the Tender Documentation.

4 Administrative Information


Type of Procedure

Single stage – Any candidate may submit a tender.


Reference number attributed to the notice by the contracting authority

RC1501_3381 (ITT6897)


Time Limits

a) Time-limit for obtaining documentation 30-01-2015

b) Time-limit for receipt of completed tenders
30-01-2015  Time  12:00

c) Estimated award date 13-02-2015


Language or languages in which tenders or requests to participate can be drawn up



Tender Submission Postbox

5 Other Information


Additional Information

(SC Ref:333142)


Additional Documentation


Publication date of this notice


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