Boris Johnson: ‘eel-like’ Tony Blair will avoid being imprisoned over Iraq war

Boris Johnson: ‘eel-like’ Tony Blair will avoid being imprisoned over Iraq war

London mayor expresses sympathy with those who want former PM locked up and says Chilcot report should be published now.

People who believe Tony Blair should be imprisoned over the Iraq war have their hearts in the right place, Boris Johnson has said as he called for the immediate publication of the Chilcot report into the war.

Speaking on his LBC phone-in, he spoke of the “catastrophic consequences” of the Iraq invasion but described the former prime minister as an “eel-like customer” who would use his legal skills to avoid prosecution.

Johnson made clear he sympathised with a caller who thought Blair should be imprisoned. The London mayor said: “He is a very, very adept and agile lawyer. Our caller who thought he was going to be imprisoned for what he did in Iraq – his heart is in the right place. It’s just not going to happen.”

He declined to rule out standing for parliament at next year’s general election, raising the prospect that he would hold two jobs as London mayor and MP from 2015 to 2016. Asked by LBC presenter Nick Ferrari to say no to “Boris two jobs Johnson”, he said: “I am very proud of what we have achieved in London but there is a lot more to do.”

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