Bring rail under state’s control to win back power Ed Miliband told

Bring rail under state’s control to win back power Ed Miliband told

Labour candidates call for bold policy to cap fares as the party’s election chiefs pledge radical manifesto.

Ed Miliband has come under pressure to bring the rail network back into national ownership if Labour wins the next election, as more than 30 of his party’s parliamentary candidates call for a bold new policy to improve services and control train fares.

In a joint letter to the Observer, the prospective MPs many of whom will fight in marginal seats where they say the commuter vote could be crucial argue that a policy of gradual renationalisation would allow fares to be kept under control and profits to be reinvested in services.

Their intervention comes as radical options for the future of the rail network are being considered by Labour’s lengthy policy review, which is nearing completion. It also coincides with a pledge in the Observer by two key figures in the Labour election team to present the most radical manifesto in a generation.

While Miliband has said he is interested in “innovative solutions” for the railways and is open to considering a greater degree of state control, shadow chancellor Ed Balls is said to be resistant to anything that would be portrayed by Labour’s opponents as anti-business or a lurch back to the pre-Thatcher era of nationalised industries.

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