Business Partner Joint Venture – Cheshire West and Chester Council

Business Partner Joint Venture – Cheshire West and Chester Council

The Council is seeking a partner to establish a joint venture company to deliver, redesign, transform, develop, invest in and commercially trade a range of services. 

Cheshire West and Chester
Business Partner Joint Venture
The Council is seeking a partner to establish a joint venture company to deliver, redesign, transform, develop, invest in and commercially trade a range of services. The Council also wishes to explore how public service mutuals can play a role in a mixed economy of services, either through the structure of the joint venture company itself or as vehicles for hosting other services to be considered within this procurement opportunity. The format of the joint venture and any staff ownership is to be determined and will be discussed during the competitive dialogue stage.

The aim of the Council is to establish a joint venture company that will; deliver best in class, high performing and efficient services to residents and customers; transform services to put customers first and residents at the centre of everything we do; allow employees to work flexibly and to get the right information to the right people at the right time; develop a growing sustainable business by investing in, marketing and commercially trading services; improve outcomes for local people and businesses; support the Council’s wider transformation and efficiency programme on a risk and reward basis; flexibly respond to the Council’s changing funding position.

The contract will; incorporate performance payments linked to meeting service KPI’s and high levels of customer satisfaction; provide incentives to achieve value for money and provide cost efficiencies on a shared risk and reward basis; include the requirement for continuous improvement in both performance and efficiency for the contract duration; be flexible in response to changes to the Council’s funding position and future Local Government Finance Settlements; support the Council’s commitment to transparency and Open Data.

The Council’s assumption is that the contract will be for a minimum of five years with a proposed extension up to a further period of five years. The exact contract duration will be discussed during the dialogue period and if the market proposes a longer period that is acceptable to the Council, this will require Council Executive approval.

The initial scope of the contract will be Customer Services and Integrated Workplace Management (Business Operations and Facilities Management). Other services may be included at the discretion of the Council on an incremental basis subject to business case reviews, consultation and Council Executive decisions. These services will be discussed further during dialogue.

The Council wishes to enable all local authorities in England and Wales and all other contracting authorities in the county of Cheshire and the counties of Cumbria, Lancashire, Merseyside, Greater Manchester, Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire, West Midlands, Flintshire, Wrexham, Denbighshire, Conwy, Gwynedd, Isle of Anglesey and Powys to benefit from this procurement and therefore is seeking to procure a framework agreement for call-offs. The public bodies may wish to procure substantially similar services to those included in the contract under a separate framework agreement but without any obligation on the public sector bodies to participate. Accordingly it is the intention that the public sector bodies should be able to rely on this procurement to purchase such services from the joint venture without the need for any further procurement process.

The framework agreement will not be limited to four years but will be coterminous with the contract term for the Customer Services and Integrated Workplace Management in order to optimise the commercial viability of the joint venture business. The form of the call-off contract will be discussed the competitive dialogue.

Potential Bidders Event

An event has been arranged to which potential bidders are invited where an overview of the contract objectives and the procurement process will be presented. The presentation from this event and any other relevant information will be made available to all potential bidders via the Chest e-tendering website after the event. A maximum of two people per organisation will be allowed to attend. To request an invitation details should be submitted via the Chest e-tendering website.

The event will be held at 12.00pm on 4th June 2014 and the Council’s HQ in Chester. _centres_and_c/hq.aspx



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