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Day Support Services 2014 Wolverhampton

Day Support Services 2014 Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton City Council are looking to establish a framework from which to purchase day support and activity opportunities for people with learning and physical disabilities. Read more…

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Leaving Care Support Service for Derbyshire County Council

Leaving Care Support Service for Derbyshire County Council

Derbyshire Children and Young People’s Trust is seeking tenders from organisations wishing to provide a leaving care support service for care leavers in Derbyshire (excluding Derby City) and who are registered with OFSTED under the Care Standards Act 2000.  Read more…

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Independent Support Worker for Disabled Children Leeds

Independent Support Worker for Disabled Children Leeds

The main purpose of this service is to enable disabled children and young people to access day-time and evening short break activities in a variety of settings. Read more…

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Learning Disability Services for London Borough of Bexley

Learning Disability Services for London Borough of Bexley

London Borough of Bexley.

Read more…

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Assistive Technology Wellbeing Services Cheshire West and Chester

Assistive Technology Wellbeing Services Cheshire West and Chester

The contract will comprise all aspects of an assistive technology wellbeing service: referral, assessment of need, installation, maintenance and removal service.  Read more…

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Carers Support Service – Emotional and Mental Illness

Carers Support Service – Emotional and Mental Illness

A service is required which will seek to improve the quality of life experienced by carers who support people with a mental illness.  Read more…

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Meet the Buyer Event – All Age Early Help

Meet the Buyer Event – All Age Early Help

Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council. 26 September. 
All Age Early Help **Meet the Buyer Event**
All Age Early Help


Save the date – Meet the buyer event


Date:     26th September 2014


Time:     9:30 – 11:00 Registration and refreshments from 9:00am


Location: Lees Suit, Civic Centre, West Street, Oldham


Registration:        Please email to register your place at the event or alternatively phone 0161 770 5054



All Age Early Help


Project summary


This project seeks to fundamentally re-design mainstream services so that they are focused on helping people to help themselves; giving them the skills to problem solve and enabling them to manage their own lives. The key change to current delivery is that a single new offer will be created for all people with complex dependencies, replacing multiple overlapping services currently in place.

We estimate that the service will support around 3,500 service users 1:1 or as a household, with a range of needs, particularly:

Mental health issues

Drug and alcohol issues

Housing issues

Behaviour-related physical health issues

Domestic violence/relationship issues

Parenting issues

General family support needs

People out of work with complex barriers to employment (note overlap to ESF Complex Families and Work Programme Leavers)

Involvement in crime (current or historic)

The new service will be targeted at people with emerging problems around these areas, but who do not yet meet thresholds for statutory support (e.g. specialist mental health, social care), or where the statutory involvement cannot meet all the needs. The service’s aim will be to ensure they receive support to prevent them needing specialist services.


Our analysis has highlighted that, hidden behind the different terminologies used by different services, there is a considerable degree of overlap in the types of support needed to enable people to become more independent and self-reliant because the root causes of the presenting symptoms, which are often the same e.g. poor self-image, no confidence, low self-esteem, few social /support networks, poor financial management; lack of hope and aspiration etc.


Our experience indicates that these issues are far more likely to be addressed  by a lead worker offering a holistic support service, that includes input from the local community,  friends and relatives.


This has therefore highlighted that there are significant opportunities for developing an offer that works more flexibly across a number of different cohorts, rather than focusing on one specific cohort, and for working jointly with the voluntary sector to develop an offer that places equal emphasis on community and peer support as it does on professional expertise.


The new service will therefore be focused on service users and their needs, not restricted by artificial service and budget boundaries.


The attached diagram summarises the key elements of the new service. Note: this is an evolving picture and the elements described below may be realised at different points of the service re-design.



The key aspects are:

Single point of access to the service: one contact point for all referrals for non-safeguarding issues. This function will collate information from the person making a referral, combine this with data and intelligence held in our systems relating to the individual or family and use this to make an initial decision on the appropriate response. Where necessary, an in-depth holistic early help assessment will be undertaken with the individual or family prior to making a decision.


On-line self-help: a web-based information service providing on-line access to enable people to identify issues for themselves and identify and access avenues of support for themselves.


Peer mentoring: volunteer mentors from a range of backgrounds to be matched with individuals and families in order to support them in accessing services and supporting their own self-help approach.


Community/volunteer advocacy support: volunteer advocates to provide a structured support approach to individuals and families.


Facilitate recovery groups in the community: support development of new volunteer groups and maintenance of existing ones within Oldham. Strategic development of available groups and referral process to them. Awareness raising of available groups and support for people to access them – utilising peer mentors and advocates accordingly.


Life coaching (volunteers and community support): volunteers within structured, 1:1 support, delivered by volunteer organisations with the purpose of life coaching people to problem solve for themselves to manage their own lives better.


Engagement working: engagement workers providing support to families/individuals to get to the root cause of presenting issues, in order to stop them escalating to crisis point and requiring input from specialist/crisis response services. Co-ordination of referrals to other areas of this service (e.g. peer mentoring); or to other agencies where this is necessary. Anticipated caseload of 1:10 with a six week turnaround.


Intensive case work: intensive case workers taking a lead role providing intense support with families/individuals who have complex dependencies or are  disengaged from services, therefore lower caseload and longer period of intervention – caseload of 1:8.


Talking therapies: trained workers providing therapies e.g. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, mindfulness promoting emotional health and wellbeing for families/individuals in order to stop them escalating to crisis point and requiring support from specialist services.


This meet the buyer event is subject to a satisfactory consultation period, which closes on 19thSeptember

A Prior Information Notice has been published in relation to the All Age Early Help and be viewed here ; ; ;nbs p;

Mr Richard Kubilius
Email Address:
Corporate Procurement Level 8
Civic Centre, West Street
United Kingdom

Read more…

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Respite Care Services Staffordshire

Respite Care Services Staffordshire

LOT 1 Block Booked Residential Respite Care: We are seeking to procure 9 beds for older people (65+) who have been assessed as having respite needs; comprising of accommodation and care, providing emergency and planned respite in the geographical areas of: 1(a) Newcastle-Under-Lyme – up to 3 beds 1(b. Read more…

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Short breaks for Children with Disabilities London

Short breaks for Children with Disabilities London

The London Borough of Bromley is looking to tender for a Managed Service Provider for our Short Breaks for Disabled Children and Young People services. Read more…

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Young Carers Services for Wolverhampton City Council

Young Carers Services for Wolverhampton City Council

Young Carers Services to be delivered within the boundary of Wolverhampton. Read more…

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