Character Education Grants – Department for Education

Character Education Grants – Department for Education

The Department for Education’s Character Education Grant programme will fund projects which help develop a set of character traits, attributes and behaviours in pupils that underpin success in education and work.

Reference number:1237

Deadline date:06/02/2015

This deadline is for…12 noon 6th February 2015 for return of grant proposals

Contract value:£50,000 – £750,000

Location where the contract is to be carried out:England

Is this suitable for smaller suppliers?Yes

Is this contract suitable for a voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations?Yes

Name of the buying organisation:Department for Education

Description of the contract

The Department for Education’s Character Education Grant programme will fund projects which help develop a set of character traits, attributes and behaviours in pupils that underpin success in education and work such as: – Perseverance, resilience and grit – Confidence and optimism – Motivation, drive and ambition – Neighbourliness and community spirit – Tolerance, and respect – Honesty, integrity and dignity – Conscientiousness, curiosity and focus Grant funding will be provided to high-quality projects within or in partnership with schools and/or colleges to: a. Support sustainable expansion of existing provision which is supported by a strong evidence base; or b. Invest in new and small scale innovations which show promising approaches to character education. The Department for Education has outlined suggestions for activities it may wish to fund in the Character Education specification of requirements document. Bids can be made specifically in support of one, or more of these suggested ideas, but other proposals will also be considered. The suggested areas include: a. Building schools’ or colleges’ capacity to improve character education by developing the knowledge and skills of staff to understand character development so they can confidently integrate this within the curriculum or their teaching. This might include, for example, staff training and/or resources that focuses specifically on character development. b. Trialling school-based initiatives. This could include, for example, classroom-based initiatives linked to schools’ curricula subjects, teaching and learning strategies, whole-school practical approaches to ethos and discipline and/or bespoke activities with groups of pupils on character development. c. Providing extra-curricular activities. This could include competitive sports, music, debating, outdoor activities or survival weekends. d. Providing community volunteering activities/projects and work experience by making links with the local charities, employers and major industries. e. Peer to peer support and mentoring through dialogue and role modelling with successful students or professionals in the community. f. Developing a practical suite of tools and/or accessible educational materials and techniques that support schools in developing character. These materials will disseminate good practice and build schools knowledge, confidence and capacity in this area and should be free to use. g. Establishing effective ways that track the progress of pupils throughout their educational journey through to employment which enable schools to monitor the impact and effectiveness of their character education provision. h. Establishing innovative ways to build character in children with high risk factors, such as special education needs or a disability, poor family functioning; maltreatment and poverty. This may involve techniques to help children deal with their own mental and physical challenges and/or to provide enriched educational and employment opportunities which would not otherwise be available to them. Estimated value: The programme will provide up to £3.5 million in grant funding from April 2015 to March 2016. There is no specific minimum or maximum amount of individual grant award, but as an indicative guide for bidders, awards are expected to be in the region of £50,000 to £750,000.

Classification of the contract

80000000Education and training services

Additional information

Contract type:Services – Unspecified

Is it a framework agreement?No

Is this contract related to a programme of funding?No

Contract will be awarded based on:Most economically advantageous tender in terms of: The criteria stated in the contract documents

Estimated length of contract:12 Days

Who to contact


Organisation nameDepartment for Education

Address, postcode


Extension number:


Web address

How to apply

Applications must be submitted following the instructions outlined in section one of the Character Education Grant application form – ‘About this application form’. Any questions related to points of clarification, or process must be submitted to The Character Education specification of requirements document which describes the details of the activities the Department for Education are inviting bids for is available on Contracts Finder. Applicants will also need to complete an application form, which is available on Contracts Finder. A model grant funding agreement letter, model grant funding agreement terms and conditions and grant funding agreement explanatory notes are also provided for information.

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