Children’s Support Services for Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

Children’s Support Services for Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

Four lots are available. Bids can be for single lots, all lots or any combination of lots.

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council
Children’s support services
Four lots are available. Bids can be for single lots, all lots or any combination of lots.


Lot one: Child Protection Advocacy


The purpose of the Child Protection Advocacy Service is to:


  • To provide independent advocacy with the aim of supporting children and young people to express their opinions, feelings and wishes and play a central role in their child protection conference. The advocate will support the child to speak at conference/review or provide independent representation if the child feels unable to attend in person.
  • To increase the number of children and young people playing an active role in child protection conferences.
  • To work in partnership with the professionals involved to create a suitable conference environment to enable the child/young person to feel comfortable and valued.


The maximum annual contract value is £30,000



Lot two: Supervised Contact


The purpose of this service is to provide children, young people and their families with a positive experience of contact and to assist the LA in ensuring that agreed levels of contact are maintained.


Service users are defined as:


•           Children and young people between 0-18 who are subject to legal proceedings by the local authority and need supervised contact as part of an assessment process.




•           Children and young people who are looked after and their contact has been assessed as needing to be supervised.


The maximum annual contract value is £60,000



Lot three: Independent Visitors


Children and young people in care need positive adult role models. The Children Act 1989 requires local authorities to make available independent visitors to young people who have limited or no contact with their natural family.  The Children and Young Persons Act 2008 widened the scope of the service to include a duty to provide independent visitors to any chid in care where it is in the child’s best interest or it is their wish to have an IV.


Independent visitors are volunteers who have no formal links with the council, and they are trained and supported to ‘visit, befriend and advise’ the child or young person in care.


The maximum annual contract value is £40,000



Lot four: Young Carers and Sibling Support


The specialist young carers service works directly with young carers to provide assessment  support to children affected by any caring role within the family. The function of sibling support is also incorporated within this service offer. The purpose of the sibling support service is to provide specialist support to children affected by growing up with a disabled brother or sister. The service provides opportunities for siblings to spend time away from their primary carers and with other siblings in order to:


  • Enjoy life
  • Relieve isolation
  • Have their feelings acknowledged
  • Learn and use strategies for coping
  • Learn about disability


The maximum annual contract value is £101,417


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