Community Learning Programmes Cheshire

Community Learning Programmes Cheshire

3 Lots. 1. Lot 1 РHealth and Wellbeing Programmes.

Cheshire East Borough Council
15 046 Community Learning Provision
Cheshire East Lifelong Learning (CE LL) is undertaking a commissioning exercise to procure and develop Community Learning provision for the residents of the borough. CE LL is funded as a lead body for Community Learning provision and will be sub-contracting work under this funding stream.
The Community Learning categories for 2015-16 Community Learning provision are:
1. Lot 1 – Health and Wellbeing Programmes
Health and Wellbeing Programmes use learning as a means of improving the health and wellbeing of individuals. There is no requirement to progress learners on to employment, although the progression on to further learning and/or employment, if appropriate, would be a desired outcome. A positive impact on the heath and wellbeing of learners should be demonstrated by the end of the course.
2. Lot 2 – Taster/Engagement Programmes
Taster/engagement programmes use creative and innovative approaches to engaging individuals who may normally experience barriers to learning. The desired outcome is that learners will progress on to further learning that will lead to further learning and/or employment outcomes.
3. Lot 3 – Longer Programmes Leading to Employment Outcomes Longer Programmes leading to employment outcomes are intended to equip individuals with the skills and confidence needed to be able to access work or accredited learning. The desired outcome is that learners will progress on to employment or accredited learning that will lead to employment.
These programmes must be aligned to the Skills Funding Agency funding requirements, the priorities set by CE LL and the needs of local people, communities and, where appropriate, businesses.The deadline for clarification questions is 12 noon on 03/07/15.

The submission deadline is 10 am on 9th July 15. Any submissions recieved after this deadline will not be accepted. Only submissions recieved via The Chest will be accepted.


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