David Cameron: Scotland and UK have more oomph together

David Cameron: Scotland and UK have more oomph together

PM kicks off Scottish tour with promise of more devolution as he seeks to bolster flagging anti-independence campaign.

David Cameron has sought to shore up the faltering campaign against independence, saying that keeping Scotland within the United Kingdom gave both “more oomph” by making them both “stronger, safer, more secure and more successful”.

The prime minister launched a detailed defence of his track record in delivering extra powers to the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish parliaments, but admitted that many voters doubted he would honour his promises to hand further political and economic powers to Scotland if it rejected independence in September.

In a rare press conference with the Scottish press, Cameron insisted he was a man of his word: “All the political parties have in different ways, at different times been saying that further devolution is on the table after a no vote. I think it’s very important Scottish voters going to the polls hear that message. Because it’s very important that if you want further devolution, the way to get it is a no vote.”

Seeking to dismiss allegations he is a “day tripper” with a two-day tour of Scotland, Cameron arrived at a Territorial Army base in Glasgow on Thursday to meet reservists and full-time soldiers due to provide security at the 2014 Commonwealth games in Glasgow.

Meanwhile, reports emerged that private polling for the Cabinet Office had confirmed a rise in support for independence shown by newspaper polls.

Cameron cited his government’s implementation of new income tax and borrowing powers from 2016, new lawmaking powers for Cardiff, the promise of a Welsh referendum on tax-raising, and devolution of policing to Northern Ireland.

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