David Cameron’s EU Speech

The Prime Minister today set out his vision for Britain and its place in the European Union. Read the speech.

In a major speech given at Bloomberg, he explained that three major challenges exist for the EU:

  • problems in the Eurozone which lacks the right governance and structures
  • a crisis of European competitiveness as other nations in the world soar ahead
  • a gap between the EU and its citizens which represents a lack of democratic accountability that is felt acutely in Britain

‘Fundamental, far reaching change’ is needed, explained the Prime Minister – built on principles of competitiveness, flexibility, power flowing back to member states, democratic accountability and fairness.

He concluding by telling the audience gathered in central London:

“With courage and conviction I believe we can deliver a more flexible, adaptable and open European Union in which the interests and ambitions of all its members can be met.

“With courage and conviction I believe we can achieve a new settlement in which Britain can be comfortable and all our countries can thrive.

“[…] Because I believe something very deeply. That Britain’s national interest is best served in a flexible, adaptable and open European Union and that such a European Union is best with Britain in it. “

Read the speech here or you can watch clips from the speech via the Bloomberg website.

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