Development Opportunity London

Development Opportunity London

Enfield Council is seeking a Master Developer / Consortium to deliver the £1.5 billion Meridian Water development opportunity.

London Borough of Enfield
Meridian Water Master Developer
Enfield Council is seeking a Master Developer / Consortium to deliver the £1.5 billion Meridian Water development opportunity.

Meridian Water is an 85 hectare investment in a prime location adjacent to the waterside environment of the Lee Valley Regional Park and within the London-Stansted-Cambridge Corridor, which has a population of 2 million and a £161 billion economy. The site benefits from excellent transport links with central London 20 minutes away by train and easy access to the major road routes of the M25 and A406.

Meridian Water is a development site with unparalleled opportunity. The developable area can achieve approximately 8,000 new homes, the full range of neighbourhood facilities and over 3,000 new jobs.

The Council has made excellent progress on bringing forward the delivery of essential infrastructure:

Ø  Funding has been allocated to relocate the existing Angel Road train station southwards to a more central position within Meridian Water in 2018 and the station will be renamed Meridian Water Station.

Ø  Funding has been agreed to provide a new railway track which will increase rail provision to 4 trains an hour from 2018 and the opportunity for Crossrail 2

Ø  A new educational establishment will be opened in 2016, a new park is being constructed and the Lee Valley Heat Network company has been established to provide green and affordable energy from 2018.

The Council is now seeking a Master Developer / Consortium with the vision, commitment to quality of design, expertise, financial capacity and place making credentials. The appointed Master Developer / Consortium will need to bring a proven track record in large scale and transformative urban regeneration. The Master Developer / Consortium will be able to demonstrate a commitment to place-making through development management, urban design, planning, finance, management and plot sales in order to maximise the scheme’s potential.

It is expected that the Development Partner will start the delivery of the initial phase during 2016. The scheduled date for the commencement of the award procedures and duration of the contract: The Council intends to advertise the opportunity in May 2015 with an appointment by winter 2015. The Contract is expected to last for 15 years (estimated).


The Council has an excellent track record of completing OJEU procurements within reduced timescales and the intention is to select a preferred partner / consortium within six months of posting the OJEU Notice. Submission of a summary masterplan will be a bid requirement and the successful bidder will be expected to submit a planning application for Phase 1 during Spring 2016.


The Council is organising a Developer Partner launch event to mark the posting of the OJEU Notice. Attendance is by invitation only and attendance will be limited to two places per a company.   If you would like to attend this event, or if you would like to meet with the Council to discuss this opportunity further, then please contact Sandra Taylor:
The PIN is intended as an early notice to the market and an invite to the Developer Partner launch event.


However organisations may wish to submit contact information using the contact points in this document in order to register their interest in attending the Developer Partner launch, to discuss the Council’s requirements and ensure that they are alerted at the appropriate time.


Interested parties should note that this PIN is not a call for competition.

Mr Jody Adams
Email Address:
Corporate Procurement Unit
Waltham Forest Town Hall
Forest Road
Greater London
E17 4JF
United Kingdom
Key Dates
31/03/2015 12:01
30/04/2015 00:00
Other Information
180 (months)
0 (months)

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