Digital Market Research Contract for The Arts Council

Digital Market Research Contract for The Arts Council

Understanding the impact of digital developments on audiences, production and distribution.


Contract summary


Research and Development

Location of contract

Any region

Value of contract (£)

£0 – £50,000

Published date

23 December 2015

Closing date

15 January 2016

Contract start date

01 February 2016

Contract end date

01 May 2016


Arts Council England, in conjunction with UK Theatre and SOLT, wishes to procure a service provider to carry out research that will deliver an improved understanding of the following key areas: 1) Digital audiences • What impact are digital screenings having on audiences for live theatrical performances? • Are touring patterns being affected by broadcast events/event cinema? • Who is engaging with digital performances, where are they and are they more diverse than audiences at live events? • What are the differences with regard to quality of experience and access between digital or ‘live’ events? • What kind of live performance content is currently being offered digitally that is drawing audiences? • What motivates audiences to attend live to digital screenings, or to consume live performance digitally (i.e. is it star or brand driven; how important is cost or physical proximity, etc). • What is the future propensity for attenders and non-attenders to attend/consume live performance digitally in venues or online? 2) Digital production and distribution • What are the barriers for arts and cultural organisations to enter the market for event cinema or other types of digital distribution? • What are the opportunities for smaller organisations to create digital content for small venues and/or digital devices? • What are the opportunities for co-promotion – cinema, producer and local venues working together to share and build audiences for event cinema and live work? The principal artform focus for this research will be theatre, but we recognise that digital distribution crosses artform boundaries and the research may therefore make reference to examples from beyond theatre, as appropriate e.g. Opera and ballet.

About the buyer

Contact name

Dan Kingston


1 Plough Place





Other information


ITT for Research into understanding the impact of digital developments on audiences, production and distribution.

Art Council ITT – Event Cinema – ART011 0091.docx

How to apply

Please apply directly to the buyer using the contact details provided

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