Employability Skills for Lone Parents and Carers

Employability Skills for Lone Parents and Carers

Support will be targeted at IS Lone Parents and Carers to help them develop employability skills, prepare for, move and remain into work.

Ambition Programme – Lone Parents and Carers


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West Midlands

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10 April 2015

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01 May 2015

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07 September 2015

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06 September 2016


Support will be targeted at IS Lone Parents and Carers to help them develop employability skills, prepare for, move and remain into work. The Participant groups targeted by this provision face multiple barriers, meaning that they are disadvantaged in the labour market. The principle aim of this provision is to improve their employability rate and get them into work. The successful Provider will be required to deliver a programme consisting of an initial one to one diagnostic review of the participant to identify their main barriers to obtaining employment including a completed Action Plan; provision of a two week course (20 hours per week over 5 days) on a group basis, where Participants will address the modules which are relevant to tackling their individual barriers; up to 15 weeks on-going supported job search, matched to employers who can accommodate working patterns best suited to the Participant’s hours of availability for employment (where restrictions exist); where Participants have found work, provision of in-work support for up to thirteen weeks so ensure job sustainability; regular one to one sessions to monitor, progress and review Action Plans. The provision must retain a work focused perspective at all times, with the Provider striving to instil in Participants the necessary work ethic and behaviours, which are so valued by employers and which will ultimately help them to develop and secure appropriate employment. The Provider should contact Participants within 48 hours of receiving the referral from JCP. The initial diagnostic review will be followed by a two week course (20 hours per week over 5 consecutive working days). Providers are expected to work closely with Jobcentre Plus District to agree a schedule of attendance that will engage effectively with the participant group. Delivery for lone parents and carers should take account of the availability of the Participant around school times (e.g. 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.) and the locality for travel. The course should focus on the specific barriers faced by IS Lone Parents and Carers, therefore enabling participants to tailor their training based on their individual needs identified in 3.1. The course will include, but will not be limited to: • Building confidence and increasing motivation. • Managing working relationships. • Team building and Communication skills. • Raising awareness of Travel and Child Care options available to Participants. • Effective Job search support (including CV, interviewing skills, use of IT and digital channels). • Matching personal skills to jobs. • Understanding employers as well as personal expectations. • Action Planning for the future. • Managing money and personal finance. • In Work Benefits calculations. Sign Posting to additional training and support provisions where necessary

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Neal Porter


DWP Commercials






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The Invitation to Tender Pack is available on Bravosolution. Your tender response should be submitted via BravoSolution. If you are not a BravoSolution registered supplier, you must register with BravoSolution to bid – https://dwp.bravosolution.co.uk/web/login.shtml Helpline telephone number:0800 368 4850 Helpline email: help@bravosolution.co.uk See Instructions to Potential Suppliers document for further information. A copy of finalised Contract Notice is saved in ‘Details: Project Attachments – visible to buyers’ area.

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