ERP Software Supply Contract

ERP Software Supply Contract

The new ERP software will replace all existing systems and processes.


IT Systems – Internal System Development and E-commerce

Awarding body Luxusheat Ltd

EST. START DATE: 01/11/2018
EST. END DATE: 29/03/2019


Luxusheat is a Leicester based SME currently with 10 employees with a turnover of £2 million, providing design and supply solutions for the underfloor heating and plumbing industry. From our bespoke quotations all the way through to pipe layout designs, electrical and mechanical installation schematics, we are all about offering high standards of service and quality products.

We are an OEM supplier to distributors, electrical and mechanical installers, plumbers, consultants, and architects.

Our project
We are currently looking to upgrade internal IT systems to a single functioning piece of software that encompasses all aspects of the business and manage multiple e-commerce websites that will be developed. The project will be delivered with two distinct areas, internal system development, and e-commerce.

New Business software
The new ERP software will replace all existing systems and processes within the business streamlining current data duplication across all departments by removing the need for multiple records for the same customer or supplier. The software is scalable for future growth and will allow us to invest in multiple warehouses and office locations. Importantly and where the growth of turnover and staff exists is that the software can link with multiple websites and manage sales order processing, warehousing and dispatch.

Growth in e-commerce
Luxusheat has a very limited online presence with an “information only” website with no e-commerce functionality. The business plan is to develop multiple e-commerce sites in the following that are in our current product offering:
– Underfloor heating
– Press Plumbing
– Pre-insulated Pipe Systems

Tender Requirements
Your tender should include the following;
• Company credentials and past experience to qualify you to deliver the project as outlined in this specification, both now and in the future.
• A description of your company’s core competencies relevant to this brief.
• Outline of how you would deliver the project and timing plan.
• Brief price breakdown to ensure that all elements are covered.

Contact and further questions
If you have any further questions in relation to this tender please contact:
Luxusheat Ltd
James Dale
Telephone: 0116 2514916

Evaluation process
There are 2 stages to the evaluation process
1. Written Proposal tender received no later than 26/10/2018
2. Discussion with potential providers as follow up to written tender.

Written proposal
The written proposal is required to include;
• A project plan which includes clear details and testing of sign off phases.
• Full details regarding integration and go live.
• The fully costed proposal should clearly identify costs against different elements of the solution and related services e.g. consultancy, software modules, hardware, customisation of software and support costs including annual/ monthly and licensing costs.

All requests for the specification must be made by 19/10/2018
Final decision will be made on 29/10/2018.

Evaluation criteria
The written tender will be evaluated on the following:
• Meeting all elements of the tender specification
• Company location and structure
• Value for money
• GDPR compliance
• Achievable project timeline

Additional information

Contract Type One off
Procurement Process Open Tender
Category Information Communication Technology, Online Services, Website Development,
CPV codes
Suitable for SME YES


19 October 2018

15 days


26 October 2018

22 days


Luxusheat Ltd
James Dale
0116 2514916

This contract is being managed by Luxusheat Ltd . To request documentation contact