ERP Solution Requirement

ERP Solution Requirement

The scope of the project is to implement the following ERP functionality: General Ledger – Chart of accounts.


Specification of Requirements for an ERP Solution

Awarding body Mawby and King Limited

EST. START DATE: 09/07/2018
EST. END DATE: 04/01/2019


The scope of the project is to implement the following ERP functionality:

• General Ledger
o Chart of accounts
o Journal entry
o Financial Reporting
? Profit and Loss
? Balance Sheet
? Trial Balance
o Budgets
• Accounts Receivable
o Customer records management
o Customer payments and allocation
o Credit limit and terms management
o Credit control notes
o Customer price lists
o Customer statements
• Accounts Payable
o Supplier records management
o Supplier invoicing
o Supplier credits
o Supplier payment processing
o Supplier credit limits and terms management
• Quotation Management
o Sales quotations – product, quantity, price
o Outstanding quotations reporting
o Quotation conversion to sales orders
• Sales Orders and Invoicing
o Sales orders management
o Email sales order acknowledgments
o Simple B2B customer on line ordering
? Secure password protected login
? Enter order-product, quantity, price from price list
? Order history
? Credit status
? Account balance
o Sales order picking
o Order fulfilment (despatch) management
o Returns authorisation management
o Sales order and customer invoicing processing
o Credit note processing
• Customer Relationship Management
o Contact record management
o Record communications
o Documents storage
o Activity management – tasks, appointments and phone calls
o Customer Case management
• Purchase Orders and Invoicing
o Purchase order recommendations
o Purchase order management
o Purchase order receipts
o Supplier returns management
• Inventory Management
o Quantity and cost management for inventory items
o Non-inventory item management
o Purchase and Production material planning
? Inventory policies – re-order levels, order quantities, lead times, preferred suppliers etc
? Re-order recommendations
? Item Demand Planning
o Location and Bin Management
o Lot Management
o Stock location transfers
o Stock adjustments
o Stock taking
• Assemblies & Works Orders
o Multi-level assemblies
o Phantom assemblies
o Assembly costing
o Work order recommendations & auto creation
o Work order management
o Assembly builds and material component back flushing
• Routings and WIP
o Work centres
o Manufacturing operations
? Set up time and costs
? Run time and costs
o Routing revision control
o Calculate work order production load (time)
o Issue components to works order
• KPI Dashboards
o Industry standard KPI’s
o Mawby and King KPI’s
o Companywide dashboards
o Individual specific dashboards

Additional information

Contract Type One off
Procurement Process One off Purchase
Category Software,
CPV codes
Suitable for SME YES


22 June 2018

0 days


1 July 2018

4 days


Mawby & King Limited
Andrew King
0116 204 6010

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