Financier launches ‘No Borders’, a referendum campaign for ‘unpolished’ voters who back the union

Financier┬álaunches ‘No Borders’, a referendum campaign for ‘unpolished’ voters who back the union

A new pro-UK campaign to promote the case against independence from ordinary voters has been launched by a Greenock-born financier Malcolm Gifford, promising a politician-free zone for unionists.

A new web-based, pro-UK campaign calling itself No Borders has been launched online, promising a politician and celebrity-free zone and to “inject some positivity into the union”.

The site is pitching itself as a forum for ordinary pro-union voters to speak up for the UK, particularly using home-made videos for “unpolished” first-person testimonials, some music, poetry and satire.

It’s a people’s campaign voiced by ordinary Scots. They are people who see a bright future in an evolving UK. And they reject the physical and psychological borders that Separation would create. They’re proud to be Scottish. And they’re also proud to be British.

There’s no politicians; there’s no celebrities. It’s a mechanism, on a non-party political basis, to begin to use non-political language, just to voice some of the reasons why we want to keep the union. That doesn’t mean to say that the union is perfect in any way: it has to evolve.

The message is: don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

It’s for people who want to put their hands up and say ‘you know what? I don’t want to leave the union. It works for me. In fact, I rather quite like it. It’s rather like a cup of hot chocolate and I’d like to keep it.’

Being involved in the campaign, we can get over a more emotional side, because we’re not politicians, we’re musicians.

Never met them. I have never met Alistair Darling [chairman of Better Together]. I don’t know them. We’re quite deliberately arms length; I don’t want any politicians involved.

This isn’t just a matter of party politics. This decision is a 300 year decision; it has to be about more than how much we hate English Tories. It has to be a much wider based debate. If we get this wrong, we can’t get back in [to the union].

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