Fire Risk Assessment Reviews London

Fire Risk Assessment Reviews London

The requirement is for carrying-out Fire Risk Assessments of housing stock in accordance with statutory requirements.

The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames
Fire Risk Assessment Reviews
The requirement is for carrying-out Fire Risk Assessments of housing stock in accordance with statutory requirements. The contract will commence in June 2015 and will be for a period of 3 years.


The Council is inviting organisations with relevant experience of providing the above services to submit bids for the above contract.


The tender process selected for this contract is an Open Process, meaning that all suppliers wanting to bid will submit answers to suitability assessment questions as part of their tender documents. These suitability assessment questions will be used to assess their competence and capability to deliver the contract.  The tender documents will also include method statements asking how suppliers intend to deliver the contract to the specification and a pricing schedule will also need to be submitted.


The Council’s housing stock has been profiled according to Fire Risk:


?Profile 1  Hostels, managed sheltered schemes, high rise blocks

Profile 2  Dispersed sheltered schemes /general needs with e?n?closed communal parts of 4 storeys

Profile 3  General needs; enclosed communal parts of 3 storeys or more

Profile 4  General needs, open stairs and walkways?


The FRA Reviews must identify all Passive Works and Management Tasks that are required.

These works are to be specified by the Consultant using the NHF Schedule of Rates (SOR) v 6.1

The works are to be procured through the Council’s Maintenance Term Contract

The Risk Assessor will be required to Post Inspect and report on the works.

Profile 1 sites (19) and Profile 2 sites(89) are to be assessed in 2015 with works completed in 2015/16.

Profile 3 (124) sites are to be assessed in 2016 with works completed in 2016/17.

Profile 4 (137) sites are to be assessed in 2017 with works completed in 2017/18. ?

?A separate report shall be produced per block entitled ‘Dwelling to Dwelling Fire Separation’.

The Assessor is to post inspect all works upon completion, to notify the Client of any snagging works required and also advise the Client when works are completed satisfactorily.


The Contract will be awarded in June 2015.


Organisations that are interested in participating in this exercise are invited to register immediately on the London Tenders Procurement Portal by following this link: gistration_wizard_introduction?openform

Mr John O’Dor
Email Address:
High Street
Greater London
United Kingdom
Key Dates
20/04/2015 17:05
20/05/2015 12:00
Other Information
41 (months)
5 (months)

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