Furniture Removal Services Ashford

Furniture Removal Services Ashford

Ashford Borough Council is seeking a supplier to provide a furniture removal service for assisted moves for Ashford Borough Council’s housing stock.

The provision of furniture removal services
Ashford Borough Council
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Caroline Carney
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01233 330605
Ashford Borough Council is seeking a supplier to provide a furniture removal service for assisted moves for Ashford Borough Council’s housing stock in addition to other properties affected by the decanting process of our tenants, and where some families are faced with homelessness.The works will include decanting of 2 No. (minimum) sheltered accommodation units due for demolition and rebuild during the next 4 years, and may involve moving the same people out and back into a newly built flat.  There may be a large number of moves required in a short period of time, and the quality aspect of your bid will need to reflect your experience for this requirement.The number of assisted moves to be undertaken is difficult to forecast.  In the last financial year 36 No. were undertaken, and we estimate a similar number each year.  In additional there will be in the region of 35-40 additional moves per annum to cover the decanting of sheltered accommodation.  Additionally, some of our tenants may wish to downsize, and move to other sheltered developments in the borough.  This is harder to quantity but could add another 10-20 moves per annum.

For removal work where families are faced with homelessness – 42 No. were undertaken in 2013/14, and 18 No. in 2014/15.  Due to the circumstances relating to this type of removal work, it is difficult to quantify how many will be required over the coming years, although due to budget pressures we are trying to significantly reduce numbers.

Bid Evaluation
You are there invited to tender using the specification and schedule of rates attached.  Your bid will be evaluated on the following:

50% Price – Form of Tender attached

50% Quality including;

  • Logistics – 10%
  • Resources – 10%
  • Services – 10%
  • Communications – 10%
  • Security – 10%

Tender Return
In order to be considered please ensure your completed bid along with supporting documentation is returned to Ashford Borough Council, Civic Centre, Tannery Lane, Ashford, Kent TN23 1PL FAO Richard Robinson, Housing Improvement Manager, Community and Housing in a plain envelope which does not bear a mark identifying your company, using the label attached.  Tenders must be returned no later than 2:30p.m. Wednesday 20th May 2015

Advert Placed: 22nd April 2015
Final date for clarification: 12 Noon 13th May 2015
Tender Return Date: 2:30p.m. 20th May 2015
Reference Return Date: 2:30p.m. 20th May 2015 (by e:mail)
Evaluation of Bids: commence 21st May 2015
Contract Award: w/c 25th May 2015
Start Date: 1st July 2015
End Date: 31st March 2018

1) Please register your interest through the South East Business Portal – we will use these registration details to inform you of any amendments, or items of clarification during the tender period.  However, no further clarification, etc. will be issued later than the 13th May 2015
2) Please be aware that you need to download the documents attached to this advert and submit your bid by the due date.  Your registration of interest will NOT be used to issue you with tender documentation.
3) When submitting your bid, please keep additional marketing material to a minimum.
4) The “Last date for Expressing Interest” detailed at the beginning of this notice, is the last date for submitting your bid.
5) This opportunity was originally advertised in March 2015 – the specification has since been amended, and opportunity re-advertised.

Further information
If you have any queries please contact Richard Robinson on (01233) 330405 or by


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