George Osborne to announce tough new benefit curbs for EU migrants

George Osborne to announce tough new benefit curbs for EU migrants

Child benefit and child tax credit will be not be paid until three months after European migrants arrive in Britain.

EU migrants to Britain will not be able to claim child benefit or child tax credit until they have lived in the country for three months, George Osborne will announce on Wednesday. Immigrants already face a three-month wait before they can receive jobseeker’s allowance, and access to housing benefit has been banned. EU claimants are eligible for child benefit only if they are earning more than ¬£150 a week.

Entitlement to jobseeker’s allowance, child benefit and child tax credit is already restricted for many claimants to a maximum of six months, so the latest announcement in practice means most EU migrants will receive the latter two for between three and six months after arrival. After six months, the Treasury said, only those who have a job offer or compelling evidence they have a genuine chance of finding work will be able to continue claiming and then only for a short period.

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