Gerry Adams freed without charge after questioning over McConville case

Gerry Adams freed without charge after questioning over McConville case

Sinn Féin president says his party ‘remains wedded’ to new policing dispensation after release from police station.

Sinn Féin’s president, Gerry Adams, has been released without charge after spending four days in custody being questioned about one of the most notorious murders of the Northern Ireland Troubles the kidnapping, killing and secret burial of Jean McConville in 1972.

The prospect of charges has not gone away as a file on the McConville case has been sent to the region’s Public Prosecution Service (PPS).

But at a press conference on Sunday night, Adams reiterated that he had nothing to do with McConville’s disappearance and murder, declaring: “I am innocent of any conspiracy.”

He stressed that he still supported the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) despite his arrest and detention for almost five days. He said his party “remains wedded” to the new policing dispensation in Northern Ireland.

His remarks indicate that there is no short-term prospect of Sinn Féin withdrawing support for the police – a move that could have triggered the collapse of the power-sharing executive at Stormont.

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