Gerry Adams’s arrest a bid to influence elections says Martin McGuinness

Gerry Adams’s arrest a bid to influence elections says Martin McGuinness

Northern Ireland’s deputy first minister attacks Police Service of Northern Ireland, saying it contains ‘a dark side’.

Martin McGuinness has claimed that the arrest of Gerry Adams in connection with the murder of a mother of 10 was a political move designed to influence elections in Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic.

“I view his [Adams’s] arrest as a deliberate attempt to influence the outcome of the elections that are due to take place in three weeks’ time, north and south on this island,” McGuinness said.

But the Irish government has rejected McGuinness’s claim of political interference, while the republic’s main opposition party Fianna Fáil called on Sinn Féin to withdraw allegations of political influence which they said were insulting to the victim’s family.

Adams remains in custody at a police station in Northern Ireland where he has been held since Wednesday night over the kidnapping, killing and secret burial of widow Jean McConville close to Christmas 1972.

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