GovTech Catalyst Competition Launched

GovTech Catalyst Competition Launched

Digital and technology companies are invited to pitch innovative solutions to the challenge of identifying online still image propaganda created by Daesh.

The first GovTech Catalyst competition launches today

Digital and technology companies are invited to pitch innovative solutions to the challenge of identifying online still image propaganda created by Daesh.

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Daesh poses a threat to UK national security as it seeks to expand its terror network, using propaganda to radicalise and recruit citizens from the UK and across the world. The Home Office already has the technology to determine 94% of Daesh videos with 99.995% accuracy. However, 80% of Daesh media is still imagery. These images, tailored for local markets, rarely contain consistent features meaning innovation is needed to have the same success as for video.

We are looking for concepts that can be developed into workable solutions. Winning companies will be awarded up to £50,000 to develop their ideas. A further £500,000 may be available to continue development and test the successful solutions in the public sector.

There are 5 different challenge competitions in the first GovTech Catalyst round.

This challenge competition closes on 27 June 2018. Registration for this competition closes on 20 June 2018. No late applications can be accepted.

Why pitch a solution to a GovTech challenge competition

The GovTech challenge is your opportunity to help improve vital public services while growing your business. We’re looking for firms to come up with smart solutions to fix public-sector problems. You’ll get the opportunity to work with high-profile public-sector partners and to raise your profile both nationally and internationally.

How to pitch a solution

Companies can pitch a solution to an open challenge competition on the Innovation Funding Service website. Each challenge competition page includes information on how to apply, the dates, funding available, project scope and challenge context.

There will also be launch events for each challenge competition where interested companies can meet people from the public sector body responsible for the challenge (the challenge owner). Sign up to the GovTech community mailing list for dates and more information.

You can also join the GovTech Catalyst team at monthly meetups to connect the GovTech sector to the public sector.

Round 1 competition schedule

We’ll add dates and links as the competitions launch:

  • Identifying Daesh still imagery (open 14 May to 27 June 2018)
  • Tracking waste through the waste chain (opening June 2018)
  • Tackling loneliness and rural isolation (opening July 2018)
  • Cutting traffic congestion (opening August 2018)
  • Deploying smart sensors on council vehicles to improve services (opening September 2018)

About the GovTech Catalyst

GovTech aims to encourage small, emerging technology businesses to create and develop innovative solutions to public services, that once proven can move to scale both to the advantage of markets and society.

GovTech Catalyst competitions help the public sector identify and work with cutting edge technology firms. They use the SBRI process, supported by Innovate UK.

Read more about the GovTech Catalyst programme aims.

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