Health Chats Training Rochdale

Health Chats Training Rochdale

We aim to create an environment in Rochdale which is receptive to public health interventions across all sectors through improving awareness and understanding of broader public health issues.

Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council
Provision of Health Chats Training (R430)
Developing Public Health Capacity in Rochdale Borough

We aim to create an environment in Rochdale which is receptive to public health interventions across all sectors through improving awareness and understanding of broader public health issues. This will create a framework within which public health programmes can be up-scaled and delivered or supported by many more providers.


1.            Background

What are Health Chats?

Health Chats are opportunistic generic brief interventions aimed at imparting knowledge of healthy lifestyle behaviours, signposting to lifestyle and other services and nudging members of the community to take action to improve their health and wellbeing for themselves, their family and their community.

The aim of our Health Chats programme is to develop and systematically harness the work of frontline staff and community services, to improve customer, staff, patient/client and visitor health. Our initial programme will focus on:- Alcohol, Be active, Healthy eating, Mental wellbeing, Sexual health (focused on under 19s), Tobacco.

These lifestyle factors contribute to cancers, heart disease and strokes, respiratory diseases and diseases of the endocrine system.  They also contribute significantly to excess and premature deaths, poor quality of life, increased hospital episodes and length of stay.

These themes will be core subjects, and woven into that will be learning on how these link to cancers, high cholesterol and blood pressure, and heart disease.  Supplementary learning on wider determinants of health such as housing, employment, skills and debt management will also be offered.

Why should we do this?

Evidence from the World Health Organisation shows that:-

·         One third of the industrial world’s disease burden is due to tobacco, alcohol, obesity and high blood pressure

·         Three quarters of all cardio vascular disease is due to tobacco, high blood pressure and obesity

By acting on these issues we have the potential to reduce the burden of disease by 33% and reduce healthcare costs by 70%.

There are also workplace benefits in terms of contribution to overall workforce health and wellbeing improvements, and professional development.

Partners to support the movement

Public health professionals alone cannot undertake one to one interventions with the majority of the population.  A wider ‘movement’, or systematic up scaling of opportunistic intervention is therefore required to engage with other professionals who deal with the public on a daily basis.  We have already worked with partners from Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, Pennine Acute NHS Trust, Link4Life, Hopwood Hall College, Skills Solutions and Rochdale Training Association.

2.            Scope 


Health Chats training rollout to new target groups


Working with the RSPH, which offers accredited training and qualifications, a programme of Health Chats training has now been running successfully for several years.


This training for financial years 2015/16 and 2016/17 is to be set up and delivered across the borough in a wide range of settings including new target groups. This will support all our public health programmes and continue to build an infrastructure of public health understanding across Rochdale borough.


The training will provide a free-standing qualification: The RSPH Level 2 Award in Understanding Health Improvement. This will provide a robust foundation and framework across Rochdale for delivering and scaling up Public Health interventions and Health Improvement programmes in every sector. The training will also significantly upscale the existing Health Chats programme and broaden its reach into new areas.


The training includes delivery to several specific target groups that have been suggested by Health Chatters, stakeholders and delivery partners during 2014/15.



  1. Specification of Requirements



1.    By 31 March 2017 a total of 1,000 new Health Chats trainees will have a clear understanding of health improvement in the Rochdale borough.

  1. By 31 March 2017 a total of 1,000 people will become active trained Health Chatters, delivering brief interventions to a diverse range of individuals across the borough.

3.    By 31 March 2017 at least 90% of trained Health Chatters will have taken the RSPH exam

  1. By 31 March 2017 the average pass rate for those having taken the exam to be at least 85% (re-sits to be funded by the contracted provider if required to reach this target)
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