HS2 Annual Staff Survey Contract

HS2 Annual Staff Survey Contract

HS2 Ltd requires an external supplier to help deliver all aspects of the Staff Engagement Survey.


Contract summary


Construction and Real Estate, Printing and Publishing

Location of contract

East Midlands,London

Value of contract (£)

£0 – £75,000

Published date

30 July 2015

Closing date

12 August 2015

Contract start date

01 September 2015

Contract end date

31 August 2018


HS2 Ltd requires an external supplier to help deliver all aspects of the Staff Engagement Survey. Listed below is the core work required to cover a workforce of approximately 1,000. The HS2 Ltd workforce include HS2 Ltd Employees, Interims, agency staff and members of our Development Partner. All are to be invited to participate in the survey. Design The supplier would use their knowledge, experience and market data to help design the questions within the survey. There would be an expectation that there would be a consistency of questions from previous surveys and the design would also be mindful of future surveys in order to build robust and credible data moving forward that enables the organisation to monitor and measure trends. The basis of the design would be based on a respected and recognised engagement model. Implementation The supplier would guide and drive the implementation of the survey. The survey would ideally be delivered through an on line portal and should be accessible to all. The supplier would be responsible for the distribution of the survey and would work with our internal communications department to help promote and encourage participation in the survey. There would be an expectation that the external supplier would provide regular updates on participation rates and identify areas where participation was lower than average. The supplier would also be expected to suggest ways of increasing participation in an engaging and innovative way. Analysis and Benchmarking The external supplier would be expected to provide expert analysis using sophisticated statistical techniques to provide informative and easy to use reports. These reports would identify key trends from year to year, an engagement score and areas for action. The external supplier would also be expected to have access to a wide range of benchmarking data and make relevant suggestions as to appropriate benchmark organisations for HS2 Ltd to use. They would also be expected to present findings to the executive committee and encourage their commitment and engagement in delivering action based outcomes.

About the buyer

Contact name

Beau Morgan


One Canada Square

Canary Wharf


SE14 5AB




Other information



E-Tendering Portal

Appendix C HS2 Supply of Goods and Services

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Guidance notes to Tenderers HS2

Guidance notes to Tenderers HS2.docx

Tender Specification HS2

Tender Specification HS2.docx

How to apply All potential suppliers must obtain details of the Invitation to Tender (ITT) and submit their tender through the HS2 eSourcing portal. All potential suppliers are required to express an interest by registering on the HS2 eSourcing portal (www.hs2.bravosolution.co.uk). Registering is only required once. Registering: Potential supplier should browse to the HS2 eSourcing portal and complete the following: a) Click the ‘click here to register’ link. b) Accept the terms and conditions and click ‘continue’. c) Enter your business and user details. d) Note the username you use and click ‘save’ when complete. e) You will then receive an e-mail with your unique password. Access to the ITT: a) Login to the HS2 eSourcing portal with your unique username and password. b) Click on the ‘ITTs open to all suppliers’ link. c) Click on the relevant titled ITT item. d) Click the ‘express interest’ button in the ‘actions’ box on the left hand side of the page (this will move the ITT pack into the applicants ‘my ITT’ box). This is a secure area for projects only. e) Click on the ITT code. The applicant can now access any attachments by clicking the ‘settings and buyer attachments’ in the actions box. f) Download the documents relating to the ITT. Click ‘attachments’ on the left hand side. The number in brackets refers to number of documents that need to be downloaded. Click on the bold and underlined filename. Select ‘save’ and store on your PC. Responding to the ITT: a) Instructions on completing the ITT through the eSourcing Portal are contained in the ITT documents. For further assistance contact the BravoSolution helpdesk which is available Monday to Friday (8:00 am to 18:00 pm) GMT on: a) email – help@bravosolution.co.uk or b) telephone +44 8003684850.

How to apply

Please apply directly to the buyer using the contact details provided.

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