I am frustrated that my first job has become a nightmare

I’ve only had two days of formal training, and have no faith in my manager. Should I leave at the end of my probation?

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I am in my first job and am struggling to get to grips with it. I have been there three months, with another three months of my probation to go. When I started I was already nervous as they mentioned I’d be “learning on the job”. Since then, I have had two days of formal programming training, which is extremely basic, compared to my day-to-day work.

My manager knows nothing about programming and I have little faith in a manager who can’t understand the work I am trying to do. I have asked him for advice, but he says I should talk to other people fulfilling similar duties (using different methodologies) in other departments. I have asked others for help, but few understand the work I am doing. I am frustrated and angry that my first job has become such a nightmare.

I feel I’m failing, but I’m at a loss. I am as qualified as other people in the office, but I feel isolated and alone as my role is unique. I feel unsupported and I am regularly made to feel like an idiot. Moreover, my manager has posted two vacancies – one which sounds remarkably similar to my job role.

Should I cut my losses and leave at the end of my probation, or will I look like I’m inadequate – despite achieving in the top 5% for my maths degree. When do I admit I have simply been defeated and move on to a less challenging career?

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