Innovate Your Business Programme

Innovate Your Business Programme

The aim of this pilot was to deliver ‘light’ touch innovation support to a larger number of businesses.


1 Authority Details


Authority Name and Address

Highlands and Islands Enterprise

An Lòchran, 10 Inverness Campus,




HIE Procurement Team

+44 1463245245


Address from which documentation may be obtained

via Public Contracts Scotland web portal (



Completed documents must be returned to:

via Public Contracts Scotland web portal (


2 Contract Details



Innovate Your Business


Description of the goods or services required

The ‘Innovate Your Business (IYB)’ programme was established by HIE and ran from November 2013 to June 2015 as a pilot to support Highlands Islands businesses who wanted to innovate. More recently this pilot was extended for 1 year until June 2016 to enable HIE to establish its new Innovation Service. The Innovate Your Business pilot consists of an enquiry service, follow on “one to one” advice, the delivery of clinics and workshops and the provision of small business grants up to GBP5k. The aim of this pilot was to deliver ‘light’ touch innovation support to a larger number of businesses and not necessarily HIE account managed businesses.

HIE has recently put in place a new Innovation team of 5, who have been charged with delivering an innovation service to promote and develop the levels of innovation in businesses across the Highlands and Islands. It is intended that the IYB programme will continue as part of this new service as a means to increase the numbers of non-account managed innovating businesses in the region. Those businesses that are supported through the IYB programme may subsequently feed into HIEs internally delivered innovation service for continued support.

The responsibility for the marketing and promotion of this programme will remain with HIE.

This tender is for the delivery of the ‘IYB’ programme which consists of;

Innovation Enquiry Service, Support – “One to One” Sessions, Innovation Clinics and Workshop, Advanced Support, Grant Advice, Follow Up, Meetings and Reporting and Events and Promotion.

The key output from this programme is the delivery of support to at least 270 innovating Highlands and Islands businesses over a 2 year period. This number relates to those which go on to receive some form of support through this programme e.g. by attending an innovation clinic or workshop with the number contacting the “Innovation Enquiry service” expected to be much higher.

These companies may be referred by HIE or Business Gateway staff, or can make direct contact through HIEs web site via an enquiry form or phone number.

NOTE: To register your interest in this notice and obtain any additional information please visit the Public Contracts Scotland Web Site at

The buyer has indicated that it will accept electronic responses to this notice via the Postbox facility. A user guide is available at

Suppliers are advised to allow adequate time for uploading documents and to dispatch the electronic response well in advance of the closing time to avoid any last minute problems.


Notice Coding and Classification

151000 Business Consultancy

120 Highlands and Islands
130 Aberdeen & North-East


Total quantity or scope of tender

It is expected these services will be required from July 2016 for a period of 2 years, unless terminated in accordance with the provisions of the contract conditions, with HIE having the option to extend for a further 3 month period. The 2 year budget currently available to deliver this service is between GBP60k and GBP80k (excluding VAT).

3 Conditions for Participation


Minimum standards and qualification required

Employer’s (Compulsory) Liability Insurance – minimum GBP5m for each and every claim

Professional Indemnity Liability Insurance – minimum GBP250k for each and every claim

Bidders will be excluded if they fail to pass any of the mandatory grounds for exclusion. These include questions on Criminal Convictions, Payment of taxes or social security and Blacklisting

4 Administrative Information


Type of Procedure

Single stage – Any candidate may submit a tender.


Reference number attributed to the notice by the contracting authority



Time Limits

Time-limit for receipt of completed tenders
08-06-2016  Time  12:00

Estimated award date


Language or languages in which tenders or requests to participate can be drawn up



Tender Submission Postbox

The buyer has indicated that it will accept electronic responses to this notice via the Postbox facility. A user guide is available at

5 Other Information


Additional Information

Economic operators may be excluded from this competition if they are in any of the situations referred to in regulation 8 and 9 of the Procurement (Scotland) Regulations 2016.

In order to participate, bidders should register, for free, on the Public Contracts Scotland (PCS) website (, and record their interest in this contract and download and complete all relevant documentation.

This free process also gives suppliers access to an on-line Question & Answer facility which allows queries to be submitted (anonymously), and answers published and shared with all potential bidders.

Tenders must be submitted via the PCS postbox and be received by the date and time indicated with all questions answered. Hard copy responses will not be accepted.

HIE reserves the right to re-tender for these services upon termination of the contract or at the end of the contract period, including any extension period

(SC Ref:443162)


Additional Documentation

Scope of Requirements and Guidance Notes
Tender Response Form
Pricing Proforma
Forms for Signature
Sample Grant Scheme Application Form
Terms and Conditions IYB


Publication date of this notice


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