Integrated Young People’s Service Doncaster

Integrated Young People’s Service Doncaster

Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council will tender out for an integrated young person’s service in the summer 2015.

Doncaster MBC
Soft Market Test – Integrated Young People’s Service
Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council (DMBC) will tender out for an integrated young person’s service in the summer 2015 for an anticipated contract start date of April 2016. The contract reference number for the tender is 9VCG-FT9RBP



Services for young people that address prevention, early intervention and treatment for alcohol, drugs, sexual health and smoking have traditionally been delivered by a number of services. These behaviours are often referred to as risk taking or more recently exploratory behaviours.


Addressing the harm caused by these exploratory or risk taking behaviours requires an integrated approach that addresses the underlying causes. Public Health is responding to this need by commissioning an integrated, evidence based service specifically developed to meet the needs of young people aged 11 to 18. The service will address substance misuse including alcohol, drugs and tobacco as well as hidden harm; sexual health including sexually transmitted diseases and contraception; and the harms through associated risk taking behaviour.


The new service will deliver evidence-based programmes and interventions for young people focussing on sexual health and substance misuse (drugs, alcohol and tobacco) at the following levels:

·         General advice to young  people and/or their parents/carers with concerns predominantly around substance misuse and sexual health

·         Targeted early intervention and education programmes, for example hidden harm and programmes targeted at young people with identified risk factors.

·         Treatment programmes including contraception, treatment of sexually transmitted infections, treatment for substance misuse

·         Interventions  that support young people to avoid further risks for example supporting them to return to college, employment

Staff will be trained in delivering all aspects of the service with the exception of specialist programmes and procedures where there is a need to deliver a minimum number of procedures in order to maintain competency and safe clinical practice. Staff will be trained to support young people with multiple needs ensuring that the need for multiple consultations is reduced as far as possible.


In order to for potential service providers to gain a better understanding of the proposed service model and how it sits with other services for young people in Doncaster, DMBC are holding a soft marketing event in Doncaster on Thursday 4th June from 10am until 2pm. The day will consist of a series of short presentations introducing the evidence, concepts and delivery model of the integrated service, along with general information about Doncaster and its population health needs. Providers will then have opportunity to meet with public health commissioners individually. Lunch will be provided.


If you are interested in attending the event, please contact Emma Wilson at indicate:

·         Who from you organisation will be attending

·         If you would like to book an individual time slot with commissioners


Event papers and details of the venue will sent out closer to the event date.


If you have any other queries please contact Emma Wilson

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