Labour mocked over ‘peas in a pod’ VAT attack ad

Labour mocked over ‘peas in a pod’ VAT attack ad

Party illustrates claim that coalition’s VAT rise has added £450 to shopping bills with image of VAT-free foodstuffs.

When Ed Miliband appointed David Axelrod as an adviser back in April, many were delighted. Perhaps the man who had masterminded Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign could sprinkle some of his fairy dust on unglamorous Ed and propel the Labour party to election glory. Unfortunately, it seems he has yet to find his feet.

Just two days ago, a party political broadcast depicting Nick Clegg being chased by a cat was roundly criticised for not containing any actual policies. Undeterred, on Friday morning the latest attack advert was released – another policy-free attack on Cameron and Clegg’s chumminess, labelling the PM and his deputy “two peas in a pod”. It also contains the line “They put £450 extra VAT on your shopping bill.” Presumably it was for reasons of space that there is no mention of the fact that former Labour chancellorAlistair Darling also planned to raise VAT.

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