Leadership and Management Skills Request for Quotation

Leadership and Management Skills Request for Quotation

Request for Quotation for Consultancy Business Support: Pre Start Leadership and Management Skills.

ERDF Ref: X03120PR

University Of Chester

Contract summary


Construction and Real Estate, Printing and Publishing

Location of contract

North West

Value of contract (£)

£10,000 – £20,000

Published date

05 June 2015

Closing date

12 June 2015

Contract start date

15 June 2015

Contract end date

30 June 2015


In order to support the delivery of the High Growth Centre ERDF project, the High Growth Centre at Thornton Science Park, University of Chester wishes to commission consultancy services to deliver business support in leadership and management to leaders and managers in pre start high growth businesses in the advanced manufacturing, engineering, environment and automotive sectors, as part of an ERDF project, to be delivered by 30th June 2015. The support is required to take the form of “one to multiple” attendees sessions and subsequent “1:1” business support if needed. This support is only targeted to new (pre start) businesses therefore consultants should demonstrate they have ability to tailor activity to this client group. The High Growth Centre (HGC) are seeking to appoint a delivery partner that has proven demonstrable experience in delivering support for pre start businesses with a specialism in coaching High Growth Pre Start Businesses in Leadership and Management skills to enable them to unlock and accelerate their growth potential – to start trading. We are seeking to appoint a company that has direct experience of unlocking growth potential through one to one coaching or to workshops to many. The delivery partner should demonstrate their ability to hit the ground running and their ability to record and track delivering high outcomes immediately. The (HGC) would like the partner to deliver a series of courses on relevant tools and techniques including workbooks where applicable. The appointed consultant/s will be required to provide consultancy services to pre start and new start (but not yet trading) business people that will include the following suggested areas: • Developing Leadership skills • Communication skills • Understanding leadership Styles • Measuring Success • Managing Behaviours • Changing Attitudes • Understanding and profiling customers and sales staff • Understanding how to enter and manage the trading environment In addition to increased turnover / GVA longer term, potential new jobs and businesses created, the consultancy should lead to the following company benefits: • Increased confidence and motivation levels • Ability to communicate confidently, both on the phone and face-to-face • Ability to understand the importance and value of good preparation • Ability to understand the importance of setting and achieving goals and objectives • Ability to understand working financial and trading objectives in an SME

About the buyer

Contact name

Sarah Kirkup


High Growth Centre, Thornton Science Park,

University of Chester, Pool Lane, Ince






Other information


Tenderers are requested to note that the project is in receipt of matched ERDF grant funding to support the delivery of the programme and is therefore working to a limited budget. As a guide the maximum budget allowed for this activity is up to £20,000. However, this depends on contracted hours agreed between the appointed consultant/s and the University of Chester. For this reason, the overall contract value may be significantly lower. The quotation simply sets a maximum spend for the support pot from which you will specify how many hours you are willing to commit. The level of work cannot be guaranteed. Actual demand and volumes may vary, as over the period of the contract term, the demand from start-ups and SMEs may reduce from the total hours specified. For this reason, whilst the appointed provider/s will be awarded the contract for the duration of this contract term, no guarantee can therefore be given regarding the volume, nor value, of business placed. The appointed provider/s may therefore be required to supply requirements, below, or in addition to, what has been initially specified, within this quotation. Requirements for consultancy hours, contract values and timescales for contract start and end dates may therefore be subject to change. Full details and award criteria are as stated within the tender documents. To apply and to participate in this opportunity, all applicants must register their interest by emailing s.kirkup@chester.ac.uk and e.wallis@chester.ac.uk. Your organisation will then be sent a copy of the quotation documents. These must be completed and returned together with any supporting documents to s.kirkup@chester.ac.uk. All queries and clarifications must be sent via email to s.kirkup@chester.ac.uk and e.wallis@chester.ac.uk.

How to apply

Please apply directly to the buyer using the contact details provided.

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