Liverpool City Council ICT Services Framework

Liverpool City Council ICT Services Framework

7 Lots. LOT 1     Hardware –  £730,000. LOT 2     Software – £600,000. LOT 3     Professional Services – £12,500. LOT 4     Support and Maintenance – £100,000. LOT 5     e-Catalogue – £90,000.


Liverpool City Council
ICT Services Framework
Liverpool City Council (LCC) provides a wide range of ICT products and services to users in locations across the City and to schools. To support the delivery of these activities, the City currently procures hardware, software, maintenance and support, and professional services through a specific supplier. The City is looking to identify suitable framework approved suppliers to deliver these products and services in the future.

Suppliers are invited by Liverpool City Council to submit a tender to be included in a Framework.

The closing date for tender submissions will be 12 noon, Monday 16th November 2015.


The tender will be based upon Liverpool City Council’s ICT Terms and Conditions which, together with all Tender documentation/instructions and returns, will form the basis of any subsequent agreement for provision of goods or services.


This Framework Agreement is intended to commence in March 2016 and will be awarded for a 3 year period with the option to extend for 1 further year.


The tender is divided into 7 separate Lots. Lots 1-5 are for LCC (Corporate); Lots 6 and 7 are Education (Schools) only. Bidders are invited to apply for one or more lots. Lots will be awarded individually and are independent of each other. Providing that sufficient responses are received to this tender, a maximum number of suppliers will be appointed to each lot, as detailed in the evaluation criteria within the Tender Instructions. The overall evaluation criteria split for each lot is 60% Price/40% Quality, with the Quality element being further divided into sub-sections with percentages totalling 40%. Orders for goods or services under the framework will be called off either directly (from terms/prices provided) or via a further competition for specific requirements or quantities – please login and register interest in this opportunity to gain access to the tender documentation for more details.


Bidders are invited to apply for any or all lots and will not be disadvantaged if bidding for, say, only one or two lots.


The objective of this tender is to identify the most economically advantageous offer(s) for each lot.  The framework agreement will be awarded based on the responses to the tender award criteria which are detailed within this document.


The approximate spend for this framework, across all 7 lots, is £2.8 million per annum. This estimated annual figure is broken down by Lots as shown below. Note that this annual spend is purely an estimate and non-binding and LCC is not obliged to place any orders with any supplier appointed to the framework agreement. Since the Council has previously had one contractor for all these requirements, the mix of spend across different elements (lots) of work can be difficult to quantify exactly; therefore these figures are purely a guide to assist potential bidders. LCC reserves the right to place orders for the same goods and services elsewhere during the lifetime of the agreement.



LOT 1     Hardware –  £730,000

LOT 2     Software – £600,000

LOT 3     Professional Services – £12,500

LOT 4     Support and Maintenance – £100,000

LOT 5     e-Catalogue – £90,000

LOT 6     Schools Hardware –  £1,200,000

LOT 7     Schools Software – £65,000


Potential bidders can find more information by logging in and registering interest in this opportunity on The Chest.

Queries regarding this opportunity MUST only be made via The Chest. Please do not contact employees of the Council by phone or personal email.

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