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Andrew Sparrow with live coverage of the local election results 2012 as they come in, and the reaction from all the political parties

9.00pm: In the Guardian today Joris Luyendijk, the Dutch anthropologist who has been travelling around Britain to find out what people think about the local elections, says that “if elections are the main ritual by which a nation imagines itself politically, then the UK last week felt comatose”. He’s probably got a point, and already there are stories predicting an unusually low turnout. But regular readers will know that we hold it as an article of faith here that there’s no such thing as a boring election. People have been voting all over Britain, in council elections in England, Scotland and Wales, in elections for the mayor and the assembly in London, in mayoral elections in Liverpool and Salford and in other 11 referendums where people will either be voting on whether their city should have a mayor or, in Doncaster, where they will be voting to abolish the mayoral post. Over the next 24 hours we’ll be getting the results. No one’s going to be comatose in this office.

My colleague Paul Owen has been covering all today’s events on a live blog. You can read his early evening summary here. In London a YouGov poll shows Boris Johnson ahead of Ken Livingstone by 53% to 47% and in Glasgow some SNP figures are predicting that they will snatch Glasgow from Labour.

But London and Scotland aren’t counting tonight. We’re going to have to wait for those results until tomorrow. I’ll be writing blogging here until 6am, and I’ll be covering the results in England and Wales.

Here are some timings.

10pm: Polls close.

10.35pm: Harriet Harman, Labour’s deputy leader, is among the panellists on Question Time. We’ll see if she’s sounding optimistic.

11.35pm: The BBC’s election programme, Vote 2012, starts. David Dimbleby (of course) is presenting.

12pm: Sky’s election programme gets going. The first results should start trickling in.

1am: By now more than a dozen English councils should have declared, and the first Welsh results should be in.

Around 3am: The BBC should have enough results to be able to produce a projected national share of the vote. This involves taking results from representative wards and using those figures to work out what the results would have been if there had been local elections in every ward in the country. It’s the figure that will dominate the headlines tomorrrow.

Around 5am: Liverpool’s mayoral result is expected.

As you can see, it’s going to take a while before we start getting some proper results. But, if you want to read up on the elections in the meantime, here is some heavyweight briefing.

• The 5-page House of Commons Library note on the elections (pdf).

• A 55-page slideshow briefing from the Political Studies Association, covering the elections in England, Scotland and Wales (pdf).

• A briefing from the Local Government Information Unit identifying 50 key councils to watch.

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