Management and Delivery of Training Sessions to Support Care Planning

Management and Delivery of Training Sessions to Support Care Planning

Care Planning – Year of Care Approach – Camden Council.

Reference number:NELCSU/CAM/JN/300041

Deadline date:26/01/2015

This deadline is for…Responding to this Market Testing Exercise. Bidders to advise whether they would be interested in bidding for this work if quotation documents are issued.

Contract value: £30,000 – £111,000

Location where the contract is to be carried out: London Borough of Camden

Is this suitable for smaller suppliers?Yes

Is this contract suitable for a voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations?Yes

Name of the buying organisation:NEL Commissioning Support Unit (NEL CSU)

Description of the contract

This contract is for the management and delivery of training sessions to support care planning. In Camden the Long Term Condition and Cancer Mandate commits the CCG to developing care planning for people with long term conditions. In addition NHS England has made a commitment to deliver personalised care plans for every person with a long term condition. The Long Term Conditions Locally Commissioned Service, redesign and investment in new models of care for people with long term conditions, has initiated the structural changes in the delivery necessary to create an environment in which the Year of Care model of care planning can be embedded. The Year of Care programme (2008-2011) was an initiative that aimed to improve support and self-management for people with long term conditions. Starting with Diabetes and the Frail and Elderly as an exemplar, it worked to embed personalised care planning into general practice and specialist care, supported by local commissioning and service redesign. A generic approach to care plans and care planning (i.e. that they are for all patients across all conditions) has significant advantages. Evidence suggests that implementing care plans and care planning will be facilitated by identifying a particular population group (such as people living with diabetes and the frail and elderly) where these interventions are more clearly linked to defined deficits in care as well as where services are well developed and outcomes are clearly defined, before attempts ae made at wider adoption. This project will focus on making the initial steps to fully implementing a care planning model in Camden, initially focussing on diabetes and the frail and elderly patients. It will include all patients with diabetes who are being managed under the LTC LCS and the Diabetes IPU team and all frail and elderly patients under the care of the borough’s multi-disciplinary team. Care planning is complex and implementation of this new approach and the associated change to practice will take some reflection, time and focus. It is hard to change familiar and well–rehearsed behaviours overnight. People will need to believe that what might be a new way of working to them is worthwhile and beneficial. We would like to commission an organisation to also facilitate additional review, support and training for staff involved with care planning for the specified long term conditions. Commissioning training in Year of Care planning for Camden staff in primary care and clinicians in the Diabetes IPU would introduce the concept.

Classification of the contract

85000000Health and social work services

85100000Health services

Additional information

Who to contact

Contact nameJeanetta Nelson

Organisation nameNEL Commissioning Support Unit (NEL CSU)

AddressStephenson House, 75 Hampstead Road, London, NW1 2PL

Telephone020 3688 2016

Extension number:


How to apply

The Project deliverables and details on the Aspects of delivery are included in the attached document. The provider organisation must have the capacity, skills and expertise to manage and deliver this proposal and engage key stakeholders in the London Borough of Camden. Providers must be able to mobilise quickly with all capacity in place by no later than March 2015. You can express an interest in this market testing exercise by sending an e-mail to The deadline for submitting a response for this market testing exercise is at 12pm Tuesday 26th January 2015. Your e-mail must include details about your organisation’s technical capability and any previous experience of delivering a project around care planning and the elements/categories you are interested in delivering. Please note that this is a market testing exercise to inform the CCGs’ decision making process. This does not commit the CCG to a carry out a procurement process. If a procurement exercise is subsequently undertaken, a shortlist of economic operators will be complied and invited to submit bids for the project.

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