Miffed by the Money Club taking £98 out of our account

My husband recently had a call from the Money Club telling him the wonderful savings it could offer him on his shopping

My husband recently had a call from a company called the Money Club telling him the wonderful savings it could offer him on his shopping. He was persuaded to give our bank details and later £1 was taken from our account unnoticed by us. The first I realised was when we went overdrawn and found the company had debited a further £98. Nothing was sent to us and my husband insisted nothing was agreed over the phone. Where do we stand? DR, Blackpool

The Money Club offers members wholesale discounts on goods and services costing over £100 in return for an annual fee and, judging from complaints to online forums, its marketing strategies can be rather assertive.

However, a spokeswoman denied it makes cold calls – householders are called after “opting in”, another case of those invisible boxes at the bottom of forms and surveys that have to be ticked or unticked to allow or prevent your details being sold to the third parties from which the club buys its data. She also claimed that information packs are emailed before the call is made, and that a welcome pack was posted after your husband agreed a contract over the phone, although you say these were never received. The £1 was for a trial period of 28 days whereupon the full fee of £98 was debited. Happily, the company tells me it will refund you as a goodwill gesture. Your husband has hopefully learned that handing over his bank details to strangers who happen to call is never a good idea, however beguiling their promises.

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