Miliband – Ukip is capitalising on Britons’ discontent

Miliband – Ukip is capitalising on Britons’ discontent

Labour leader says Nigel Farage’s party is benefiting from disillusion with political system but ‘they don’t have the solutions’.

Ed Miliband has admitted Ukip is capitalising on deep discontent in Britain and has said the Labour election campaign is trying to answer that discontent with practical solutions to the issue of broken family finances and the need for more middle-class jobs.

He said Ukip’s support was a sign of scepticism about whether politics could answer the questions the country was facing.

Miliband said: “I think there’s a deep sense, a deep question in people’s minds which is: ‘Can politics, can any political party provide the answers? Should we protest by voting Ukip? Can any political party answer the questions the country faces?’ Now, I believe deeply that there is discontent and I understand the reasons for that and we can solve these problems. But that’s part of the battle ahead and it’s a battle I relish.”

Asked to explain the strength of Ukip support he said: “I can understand why people feel deep discontent with the political system and would look for other alternatives. Ukip might be siding with the discontent people feel but they don’t have the solutions.”

The interview on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme was marked by a soft-spoken, calm and relatively slow speaking style that some said was the influence of the American political strategist David Axelrod, but Labour aides said he was not involved in advising Miliband on his appearance or style.


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