Nigel Farage predicts a Ukip victory in European elections

Nigel Farage predicts a Ukip victory in European elections

Ukip leader hopes to hold balance of power in 2015 after polls suggest Tory and Labour accusations of racism have backfired.

Nigel Farage has predicted Ukip will win this week’s European elections and may hold the balance of power in 2015.

Talking up the party’s prospects, the Ukip leader said he would not be sunk by accusations that some candidates had made racist remarks and his own suggestion that people would be worried about living on a street with Romanian families.

“We all make mistakes in life and things don’t always go according to plan and of course we’ve been in the lead and we’ve never been in that position before,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. “We hit the front three weeks ago and when you’re out in front and everybody’s firing every missile they’ve got at you, yeah, sometimes a few cracks begin to show.

“But what hasn’t changed and what hasn’t broken is what we stand for and the fact we’re connecting with the British public.”

Farage repeated his willingness to do “a deal with the devil” or make local pacts with MPs from other parties if it would help get a referendum on Europe.

He also said the idea of winning the 2015 election was “entirely ridiculous, moonshine” but it could hope to emulate the success of the Lib Dems under Lord Ashdown. “Who knows, we may get the balance of power if we get that right, and if we do there will be a referendum, whoever’s in government,” he said.


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