Off Grid to Renewable Technologies Pilot Scheme

Off Grid to Renewable Technologies Pilot Scheme

The Council plans to install 19 (nineteen) air to water heat pumps including External Wall Insulation on Toms Close, Northampton.

Awarding body Northampton Borough Council

Est. Start Date: 14/01/2013
Est. End Date: 29/03/2013


The third phase of the Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP) Social Landlords competition was launched on 8 August 2012. This competition was open to all eligible Social Landlords until the 9 October 2012.
This competitive scheme was open to key providers of social housing to bid for funds to be used to deploy selective renewable heating technologies in this sector, thereby accelerating the use of these technologies in social housing and learning about its use and impact, whilst also reducing carbon emissions in this sector.

The objectives of this scheme include;

• To achieve high levels of penetration of domestic renewable heat technologies ahead of the domestic RHI payments in 2012
• To learn about these heat technologies and the way consumers use them
• To avoid a hiatus which hurts the sector and damages supply chains and manufacturing
• To contribute to the renewable energy target
• To reduce carbon emissions
• To make some contribution to tackling fuel poverty

Northampton Borough Council (the Council) identified 19 (nineteen) properties within the Collingtree area of Northampton which do not have a gas supply. Over several years the tenants have raised the issue of why the Council does not supply gas to their homes. The current systems, either solid fuel or storage heaters are causing the tenants concerns over the ability to pay future electricity bills or afford the high delivery and cost of coal to run the heating systems.

The affordability issue of tenants with the solid fuel or storage heating system is of concern, particularly where some tenants are refusing to use storage heating this winter for fear of escalating fuel costs. This could put them at very high risk of winter death.

Due to the lack of gas supply into the village the Council is now looking at alternative energy sources. The Council bid for RHPP funding as it was an excellent opportunity to solve the fuel poverty problem in this area. The Council were successful in securing the funding and will now use this as pilot for alternative energy in other Council stock which has no gas supply.

The Council plans to install 19 (nineteen) air to water heat pumps including External Wall Insulation on Toms Close, Northampton.

Additional information

Contract Type One off
Procurement Process Open Tender
Estimated ValueText Description
Category Building Construction Materials,
CPV codes 71000000,
Suitable for SME YES

Document Available Until

21 December 2012
15 days

Submission Return By

4 January 2013
29 days

Contact Details

Northampton Borough Council
Lesley George
01604 838230

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