Peer Coaching Programme for Halton Borough Council

Peer Coaching Programme for Halton Borough Council

Halton Borough Council is pleased to offer experienced coaches or coaching networks the opportunity to deliver a Peer Coaching Programme and Intensive Specialist Coaching.

Halton Borough Council
Peer Coaching Programme
Halton Borough Council is pleased to offer experienced coaches or coaching networks the opportunity to deliver a Peer Coaching Programme and Intensive Specialist Coaching, which will run from 1st April 2015 to 31st March 2016.

The numbers of young people Not Engaged in Education or Training (NEET) has been reducing year on year in Halton.  Young people who are NEET are likely to feel bored and isolated; they have more chance of long-term unemployment, ill health and criminality than their peers.   As the NEET cohort decreases the experience of Halton Borough Council and its partners is that the proportion of young people that face multiple barriers to progressing to education is increasing.  Some have a range of complex needs to manage including substance misuse, being a teenage parent, youth offending, health issues and low confidence which are liable to impact on their engagement with services and education providers.  A key challenge now faced by the borough is to continue to reduce the numbers of young people who are NEET, supporting them to access and achieve in education on the way to sustained employment.

Targeted primarily at young people of academic age 16-18 and 19-24 with Special Educational Needs or Disability who are Not Engaged in Education or Training (NEET), although there maybe the potential to engage with young people in Key Stage 4 who are at risk of becoming NEET, the Council would like to procure a Peer Coaching and Intensive Specialist Coaching service to engage young people and support their progression into education or training.

The deliverer(s) will be qualified to a minimum ICF Accredited Coaching standard of ACC ACTP with a minimum of 100 hours experience or an equivalent qualification.  Coaches will have experience of working with young people who could have a range of complex needs, which are liable to impact on their engagement with education providers and support services.

Deliverers will be experienced in the delivery of intensive specialist education in spelling and maths, working with families and be registered as a UKCP psychotherapist able to deliver 1:1 psycho-education sessions to support psychological recovery bridging the gap to social confidence.

The aim of the service is to use highly experienced, qualified coaches and psychotherapists to deliver Peer and Intensive Coaching to 40 young people. Each programme of 4 to 5 weeks will coach the young people to clarify their own goals and address limiting beliefs and behaviours and at the same time, train them to use these skills with one another in the training group.  It will provide young people in need of more intensive support the opportunity to access psycho-education and specialist coaching in maths and spelling in a 1:1 or 1:2 setting.

The deliverer will be responsible for identifying and funding a venue for the service and will deliver the service in an environment that is accessible for young people during and after the programme.

The coaches will ensure that they work closely with support services for example health; housing and social care, and education and training providers in the borough.

The objective is to engage the target community at a deep level where they understand and take ownership of the principles of coaching and use these to affect their own and their peer groups’ behaviours eventually without reference to external coaches, it will become a self-sustaining system.

The programme will empower young people to ensure that they are in control of and driving their future direction, whilst developing their resilience to manage periods of imbalance in their lives.  They will be inspired to make positive choices and decisions.  Where appropriate they will gain confidence in maths and spelling, and be better able to manage their emotional, health and wellbeing accessing suitable local support where necessary.  On completion of the programme young people will continue to use these skills in everyday life and that these become embedded.

The programme will motivate young people to access support services, and move into sustained education or training, with the ultimate aim that the number of young people who are NEET reduces.

Indicative budget available is £65,000, which will be paid out against the recruitment of young people, start payments, completion payments, sustained progression and specialist coaching related payments.

PLEASE NOTE: Halton Borough Council reserves the right to disqualify any bid that exceeds the indicative budget. If this happens, your submission will not be marked.

PLEASE NOTE: This Request for Quotation will be assessed on 5% on Price and 95% on Quality.

Deadline for Questions: Wednesday 21st January 2015 at 11:00am

Deadline for submission is: Sunday 25th January 2015 at 11:00pm

Presentation Date: Wednesday 11th February 2015


Halton Borough Council may abandon the Request for Quotation (RFQ) at any time, is not bound to accept any quotation and will not be liable under any circumstances whatsoever for the costs suppliers incur in preparing the quotation.

All questions relating to this quotation must be submitted via The Chest’s Question and Answer facility. Please refer to previously asked questions before asking a question as duplicate questions will not be answered.

Both questions and answers will either be made public on The Chest or responded to directly to the originator depending on the content.

Halton Borough Council will provide all bidders with their final ranked position only after the evaluation process is complete upon request via The Chests Question and Answer facility.

Decisions are usually made 2 weeks following the closing date of the RFQ.

Acceptance of offers

You should note that: –

a.     The Council reserves the right not to accept the lowest, or any, quotation

b.    The Council reserves the right to accept the whole or defined lots of the quotation without accepting the remainder.

c.     Acceptance of a quotation/award of contract will be by written communication from the Council.

The Council reserves the right the purchase goods/services outside of this contract from other providers/suppliers.

This Contract is not an exclusive provider/supplier contract

Access to information

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, the Council may be required to
disclose either information about your bid or the quotation itself, including your price or range of prices once a contract is awarded and information that you may regard as commercially sensitive.  Requests for non-disclosure must accompany your tender and include clear and substantive justification together with a time limit when any confidential information could be disclosed.

Transparency of spend

If you are awarded this contract, any individual payments made to you over £500 will be published in our transparency data on the Councils web page

The Councils standard terms and conditions relating to orders and payment are available on the chest and acceptance of them is a requirement for trading with the Council. Additionally there may be further terms and conditions relating to the purchase of individual goods and services contained in the draft Contract enclosed as part of the RFQ. Suppliers are advised to fully consider these before submitting a quotation.


It is your responsibility to ensure that the completed submission is uploaded successfully on The Chest by the deadline.

Bidders must ensure that all documentation is received on time. Please bear in mind fluctuations in connectivity or the uploading of larger documents can mean that the process takes longer than anticipated.  Any questionnaires submitted or submitted incomplete by the stated deadline time and date will be discarded.  It is the responsibility of the bidder to meet the deadline.


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