Police chief admits error in sending officers over Ukip tweet incident

Police chief admits error in sending officers  over Ukip tweet incident

Cambridgeshire chief constable says force should not have become involved and orders review of approach.

The chief constable for Cambridgeshire police has admitted it should not have become involved when a Ukip councillor complained about a blogger who tweeted a “fact check” of its policies.

Simon Parr has asked for an internal review into the incident, which has sparked concern over perceived attempts to clamp down on free speech.

“I believe in this instance police attendance was not required and I have asked for our approach to this sort of incident to be reviewed to ensure we do not get involved unless there is clear evidence that an offence may have been committed,” said Parr.

Parr’s comments followed a visit last weekend by two police officers to Michael Abberton, a Green party member. He said he was asked to delete some of his tweets, in particular a retweet of a faked poster giving 10 reasons to vote for Ukip, including scrapping paid maternity leave and raising income tax for the poorest 88% of Britons.

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