Product Marketing Contract – East of England

Product Marketing Contract – East of England

WP4 is about engaging with businesses to bring to market new products sourced from peatlands.

Contract summary


  • Market research services – 79310000
  • Business and management consultancy and related services – 79400000

Location of contract

East of England

Value of contract

£30k – £40k

Published date

22 June 2018

Closing date

03 August 2018

Contract start date

07 September 2018

Contract end date

31 December 2020

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Contract is suitable for VCSEs?




This contract is part of CANAPE (Creating a New Approach to Peatland Ecosystems) is a European funded Interreg North Sea Region project which aims to deliver peatland restoration; develop new peatland products and bring economic benefits.
The CANAPE website provides further context.

WP4 is about engaging with businesses to bring to market new products sourced from peatlands, based on sound economic benefits, as well as raising awareness of peatland ecosystems and benefits to wildlife to the local community. The business engagement part of WP4 is the focus of this tender.

The appointed contractor will engage with businesses to build entrepreneurial interest around the development and bringing to market of new products. Some samples/prototypes for these new products will be created by the Broads Authority under WP4 from harvest reed and wetland plants. The types of new products are: briquettes for burning, compost, and potentially charcoal and biochar (subject to investment approval from the Broads Authority).

The appointed contractor It will also i) conduct market research and identify similar products on the market and which companies make them and where they are sold, ii) investigate and develop marketing materials, iii) develop draft business plans for new businesses and iv) engage with business, consumers as well as the wider community about these products and peatlands in general. The appointed contractor will develop a route to market for the new products by engaging with businesses, financiers and opinion formers.


About the buyer

Contact name

Andrea Kelly


62-64, Thorpe Road


01603 756015



How to apply

Please apply directly to the buyer using the contact details provided, or follow the instructions given in the notice description or information section.