Public sector strikes loom as civil servants NHS and council staff plan action

Public sector strikes loom as civil servants NHS and council staff plan action

Up to a quarter of a million civil servants will take industrial action over pay and conditions on 15 October, union says.

The government faces a series of public sector strikes after an announcement that civil servants are to stage a national walkout next month.

Members of the Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union will take industrial action on 15 October in a long-running row over jobs, pay and conditions.

Council workers will strike the previous day, while a day of action in the NHS is expected on 13 October in separate disputes over pay. The three days of disruption will be followed by a national protest in London organised by the TUC on 18 October under the slogan Britain Needs A Pay Rise.

The PCS said that since 2010, taking into account pay cuts, the increase in monthly pension contributions and inflation, many civil servants have suffered a 20% cut in their incomes.

The strike by up to a quarter of a million PCS members will include employees of Westminster government departments and agencies, and the Wales assembly, but not those who work in bodies under the jurisdiction of the Scottish government.

At the Labour party conference on Tuesday the union launched a report by tax expert Richard Murphy that claimed tax evasion deprived public finances of £80bn a year.

Collecting a fraction of these “stolen billions” would change the debate about public spending overnight, the union said.

PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka said: “These strikes show we are serious about bringing an end to pay cuts that have slashed the living standards of public servants while the super rich have been rewarded with tax cuts.

“Until we chase down the tax dodgers and invest properly in our communities and public services, the so-called economic recovery will only ever benefit millionaires, while the millions pay the price.”


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