Purchase of Commercial Projectors

Purchase of Commercial Projectors

Leicester City Council would like to purchase commercial projectors to operate 16/7 in a busy public Museum gallery environment.


Commercial Projectors (PAN0920)
Awarding body Leicester City Council

EST. START DATE: 07/05/2015
EST. END DATE: 14/05/2015


Leicester City Council would like to purchase commercial projectors to operate 16/7 in a busy public Museum gallery environment, to meet or exceed the specifications and performance of the projectors listed below:-

Optoma EH 200ST EDC Education Projector Qty. 1 of
Optoma OWM855W Wall Mount for the above, Qty. 1of

Optoma X605 ProScene Projectors with Short throw lenses to meet a screen ratio of 4:3 on 2100 x 2820mm (approx.) screens.

These are to replace two existing projectors. One of which is currently mounted vertically on an existing stud wall to project (landscape orientation) on a ceiling mounted screen. The second projector is mounted on its side adjacent to the first, projecting onto a portrait, wall mounted screen. Qty. 2 of
To include options for an extended warranty / service support agreement and replacement lamp programme for these two projectors.
To include on these two projectors, optional costs for installation on site.

Optoma EH503 ProScene High Bright 1080p with a Long lens to meet a 7.6m throw, a screen ratio of 16:9 and a screen size 1860mm h x 3260mm w (approx.). Qty. 1 of.

The two Optoma X605 ProScene Projectors with Short throw lenses projectors could be mounted as follows:

Given that wall on which the projectors are to be mounted is hollow with timber studs clad with MD boards it would be possible to modify the structure to accommodate the ventilation of the projectors.

Re the uppermost projector it would be possible to remove an appropriate section of the stud wall to ensure an un-obstructed flow of air in, and exhaust out, of the projector whilst retaining a section of the back face of the wall to give a mounting plate to take the projector bracket.

Re the lower projector we would propose a short length of fabricated ducting to take the exhaust air through the stud wall exiting on the opposite side of the wall to negate the possibility of exhaust air pre heating the intake air of the projectors.

The comments above are subject to the technical specifications of the successful tenderers proposed solution.

All submission must be processed via Due North returned by 12:00hrs noon Wednesday 29th April 2015 at the very latest.

To access the documentation, either:

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Organisations are asked to regularly check this opportunity on Source Leicestershire for any updates. Any advertised opportunity might be updated or removed at short notice due to unforeseen circumstances.

Applicants should note that due to the technicality of the software package being used to create this advert, this Opportunity will become “invisible” at midnight on 28th April 2015; Applicants are therefore requested to save all documentation relating to this Opportunity locally.

Additional information

Contract Type One off
Procurement Process Quotation
Category Commercial, Museums & Art, Equipment,
CPV codes
Suitable for SME YES


29 April 2015

6 days


29 April 2015

6 days


Leicester City Council
Katie Smith
0116 454 0606

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