Recruitment Agency Search

Recruitment Agency Search

The vacancies have been advertised internally within the Civil Service but candidates with the required skills were not found.

RM5953 SO9892 Recruitment Agency Search


Contract summary


Construction and Real Estate, Printing and Publishing

Location of contract

North West,South East

Value of contract (£)


Published date

13 July 2015

Closing date

17 July 2015

Contract start date

10 August 2015

Contract end date

02 February 2016


4.1 The vacancies have been advertised internally within the Civil Service but candidates with the required skills were not found. Ministerial approval to advertise at stage 4 (External Search) has been granted but to reach the right candidates we need to advertise more widely than Civil Service Jobs website and Universal Jobsmatch. We therefore wish to appoint an external recruitment agency to target our campaign at candidates with the skills and knowledge that we require. the roles are outlined below: 3 SEO Reward Consultants 1 HEO Reward Consultant 1 SEO Senior Data Analyst 5.1 Attend planning and briefing meetings to discuss the roles and person specification, along with the search and advertising strategies, etc. 5.2 Provide a full search approach through actively sourcing and researching the market place to find the right individuals with deep category experience for the posts willing to work within the Authority’s salary parameters. With particular attention given to the attraction of a diverse range of candidates. 5.3 Actively contact and liaise with the individuals with the aim of encouraging them to apply for the posts, including the use of networks/contacts to identify potential candidates. 5.4 Process and log applications to provide weekly update reports via telekit and answer any queries about the post seeking clarification from the sponsor if necessary 5.5 Prepare paper long list, shortlist and interview packs and circulate them to panel members. 5.6 Sift applications against agreed criteria based on paper applications and make recommendations as to the suitability of each candidate. 5.7 Agree a longlist of candidates to submit to Authority’s sifting panel. 5.8 Make recommendations as to the suitability of each candidate and document the reasons why candidates have been rated in a particular order and agree a shortlist with the panel.

About the buyer

Contact name

Chris Grant


Concept House, Cardiff Road, Newport, NP10 8QQ


NP10 8QQ





Other information


Contracts Finder Template SO9892

Contracts Finder Template SO9892.docx

Description of Requirement

Appendix B Statement of Requirements – Defn.docx

How to apply

Please apply directly to the buyer using the contact details provided.

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