Request for Quote – Landscape Consultancy

Request for Quote – Landscape Consultancy

ARFQ – For A Consultant to Undertake an “Assessment of Landscape Character”.

Sefton Council
ARFQ – For A Consultant to Undertake an “Assessment of Landscape Character”
Sefton Council (the Council) is preparing its Local Plan and consulted on its ‘Preferred Option’ stage in mid 2013. It is proposed that the Local Plan will be published and consulted on later this year and submitted for examination in early 2015. If the Council is to provide for the full objectively assessed needs for housing and employment for the Borough, the evidence shows that land will need to be released from the Green Belt. The choice of which sites in the Green Belt are most suitable and sustainable for new development will be based on an assessment that considers a whole range of social, economic and environmental issues. These issues include Landscape Character.


The Council wishes to commission an assessment of the impacts of potential new development on the landscape character, historic landscape character and visual amenity (i.e. views). This assessment will provide valuable information which will help to inform the choice of Green Belt sites required for new development in the Local Plan and also to advise on the type and design of boundaries of the new ‘urban edge’

We wish to commission specialist advice to make recommendations, based on existing evidence, on the suitability of allocating a number of sites for homes, employment and renewable energy infrastructure in the Green Belt in relation to the impact on landscape, including the historic landscape, and on views.


Mrs Jane Taylor
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0151 934 4282
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Trinity Road
L20 3NJ
United Kingdom
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22/05/2014 10:15
04/06/2014 12:00
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