RPE Fit Testing Contract

RPE Fit Testing Contract

The type of testing to be used must be Quantitative (Porta count) Testing.


R P E Fit Testing for Workers of Non-Licenced Asbestos

Awarding body Leicester City Council

EST. START DATE: 05/10/2015
EST. END DATE: 05/01/2016


Leicester City Council Housing Services wishes to appoint an organisation to carry out R P E fit testing to conform to H&SE Regulations and guidelines in Operational Circular OC 282/28 for approximately 400 of its craft operatives and selected staff, who may be required to work on non-licenced asbestos materials.
The type of testing to be used must be Quantitative (Porta count) Testing.
The Respiratory Protective Equipment to be used for the testing will be either a disposable or reusable face masks that are available from our stores; most of the people who require testing have been through the procedure before and will have been allocated a suitable mask to be re tested.

Industry Standards and Regulations
The person carrying out the test must have FIT 2 FIT Accreditation.
Fit testing to conform to H&SE regulations and guidelines in Operational Circular OC 282/28

Further Relevant Information
Each person tested successfully must be issued with a card stating which type of mask has been tested as suitable for them.
A certificate to be sent to LCC stating the name of the person fit tested;
The make, model and size of the face piece;
Whether the wearer’s own mask, company pool mask or a fit test service providers mask was used;
The test exercises performed during the test;
The fit test method used;
Measured fit factor values for each exercise;
Pass level used;
Date of the test;
The fit tester’s details.

A register of people tested each day and the result of their test E,G, pass/fail and type of mask to be used (IF TEST PASSED) to be compiled and handed in daily to the centre manager, so records can be updated.

Office opening hours are between 8-30am till 12noon and 12-30 pm and 3-30pm. Tenderers should state the number of people that can be potentially successfully tested per day. In addition to this, tenderers should also present a detailed plan of assessing 400 members of staff.

The cost must cover all tests required to give a definitive outcome E.G. pass stating type and make of mask to be used or a recorded failure.

Invoices should be based on the number of actual attendees tested per day / session.

NB: Occasionally due to circumstances beyond our control people are unable to attend a session, on the basis of pricing per person tested this means that the cost per session / day will vary with the actual numbers attending.
This may mean that on occasion the number of operatives fall below the number required per day to cover your costs, please state minimum invoice charge per day you would make in these circumstances.

The fit test device should be used, maintained and calibrated in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Before use, the stability of the equipment should be checked as instructed by the manufacturer. Records of maintenance, calibration and pre-use checks should be retained. The manufacture recommends that the equipment should be factory calibrated on an annual basis

For the testing, a suitably sized room will be allocated along with the appropriate number of desks and chairs and provision of a suitable power supply for any electrical equipment the tester may bring. The supply of the various RPE equipment used by Leicester City Council operatives will be provided for use during the tests.

Tests will be carried out at one of Leicester City Council’s training facilities. This will be Construction Training Centre of Excellence, Beaumont Leys Lane, Leicester, LE4 2BF.


Additional information

Contract Type One off
Procurement Process Open Tender
Category Equipment, Health & Safety, Protective,Technical Equipment,
CPV codes
Suitable for SME YES


23 September 2015

11 days


23 September 2015

11 days


Leicester City Council
Katie Smith
0116 4540606

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