SharePoint Intranet – Request for Quote

SharePoint Intranet – Request for Quote

A decision has been made to use MS SharePoint as a platform for this solution.


Intranet Replacement
Awarding body Leicestershire County Council

EST. START DATE: 02/05/2016
EST. END DATE: 01/05/2019


The intranet, known as the CIS (Corporate Information Service), is a key tool for internal communication. It is the default homepage for all PC users in the council. The intranet was re-launched in 2007/8. Like many other intranets of its age, it was implemented to solely provide users with as many gateways as possible to information that could be useful.

As technology has moved on, the limitation of the CIS have become more prominent; the underlying technology (Livelink) is now obsolete, presenting a PSN compliance issue. Accessibility is also an issue, with the current Intranet only being available to staff who can directly access the corporate network. This leaves a significant number of remote workers without access.

In the 2012 staff survey, almost 90% said that news items on the intranet helped them to understand what is happening. However, other areas of the intranet have also been criticised for being out-of-date, difficult to navigate and search. The intranet is also seen as a one-way tool for communication, with even the staff suggestion scheme ‘speak up’ offering limited scope for a rich dialogue. It has limited functionality and technology has moved on several generations since it was implemented. In addition to the out-of-date functionality, there is also a requirement to replace it because the CMS (Content Management System) needs to be decommissioned.

As the council transforms the way it works, it’s important that staff understand and engage with the organisation’s aims and future direction.

The Information and Technology (I&T) Enabler work stream is supporting the Transformation Programme and will create the strategic I&T framework to facilitate current and future transformation. The transformation programme aims to enable staff to work differently, to collaborate, share information, be flexible, self-serve and use new and mobile systems and processes.

In addition, the Council has embarked on a programme of internal self-service. This is being extended through the development of self-service reporting. Longer term, the replacement intranet may need to consider closer integration with other business systems as a means to drive self-service fulfilment.

The Council aspires to be more digitally mature. The key drivers are the delivery of further savings and to improve customer and employee experience. Benefits are expected to be non-financial such as increased productivity and reduced demand for services. Extending employee and manager self-service will be one way of achieving these.


A decision has been made to use MS SharePoint as a platform for this solution. SharePoint provides a solid platform for document management and collaboration, with recognition that it will also satisfy content management requirements with some development.

This RFQ is only concerned with the provision of services to build and implement a new intranet. The licencing and provision of a SharePoint solution is not for consideration in this RFQ.


Additional information

Contract Type One off
Procurement Process Quotation
Option to extend 2 years made up of 12 months * 2
Category Information Communication Technology,
CPV codes 72000000,
Suitable for SME YES


15 April 2016

9 days


15 April 2016

9 days


2 years made up of 12 months * 2


Leicestershire County Council
Simon Edmonds
0116 3050437

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