Short Films Production and App Development Contract

Short Films Production and App Development Contract

Following on from the initial information film, a further film/s will be produced as a reflection on how the new processes are working for a range of Sefton young people.

Opportunity Id
The Local Offer- Accessibility Project- Short films and App.
171111 – Audio Visual
270000 – Information Communication Technology
321000 – Social Community Care Supplies & Services – Adult
321100 – Social Community Care Supplies & Services – Children
1. Purpose This is a briefing document for information purposes and the approval of the SEN and Inclusion service senior managers. 2. Project Summary The Local Offer Accessibility project is to produce short information films in an accessible format that will assist families, children / young people and professionals in Sefton to understand some of the new processes surrounding the SEN reforms. In particular, EHC Plans (aimed at children / young people) and the process of transferring from a Statement to an EHC Plan (aimed at Parents/Carers). Following on from the initial information film, a further film/s will be produced as a reflection on how the new processes are working for a range of Sefton young people. This will include case studies / experiences of young people and their families from various stages in their education and a variety of schools. In conjunction with the films, an App for young people (11+) in Sefton will be developed as an accessible gateway to the sections on the Local Offer that they would be most interested in. This will also link in with a ‘tab’ on the Local Offer web page. 3. Key Benefits 3.1 The SEND Code of Practice: 0 to 25 years states that the Local Offer’s key purposes are: • To provide clear, comprehensive, accessible and up-to-date information about the available provision and how to access it, and • To make provision more responsive to local needs and aspirations by directly involving disabled children and those with SEN and their parents, and disabled young people and those with SEN, and service providers in its development and review. 3.2 The Local Offer should be: • Collaborative: local authorities must involve parents, children and young people in developing and reviewing the Local Offer. They must also co-operate with those providing services. • Accessible: the published Local Offer should be easy to understand, factual and jargon free. It should be structured in a way that relates to young people’s and parents’ needs (for example by broad age group or type of special educational provision). It should be well signposted and well publicised. 3.3 Local authorities must engage young people directly in developing and reviewing the Local Offer and should consider setting up a forum, or a range of forums, to do so. Local authorities should make every effort to engage a cross-section of young people with a range of SEN and disabilities, in a variety of settings and circumstances and at different ages within the 16–25 age range. Local authorities should make every effort to establish the issues on which young people most want to be engaged. They should also consider using a variety of methods to engage young people. These could include surveys and social media or young people’s forums, and making existing consultation groups, such as a local youth council, accessible to young people with SEN or disabilities. Young people should also have opportunities to be engaged independently of their parents. The creation of this project addresses all the above stipulations. By involving Sefton children/Young people in the creation of the films and app, they will be given the opportunity to give their input on what information they would like to see more of and how they would like to see it. They would have input on style, wording etc. This will not only make the Local Offer more accessible but attract more users. The second film/s in particular will also provide a valuable insight into how responsive Sefton’s provision is to local needs and aspirations. The involvement of service providers in this process will also create publicity amongst their colleagues and clients which will assist in the development of the Local Offer into a ‘tool’ for all users.
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From 22/04/2016 08:31 to 11/05/2016 11:00

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