Social Work Practitioner Training – Domestic Abuse

Social Work Practitioner Training – Domestic Abuse

This training will be offered to Sefton Council Social Worker employees working in Children’s Social Care.

Sefton Council
ARFQ – Pre Denial Domestic abuse,Social Work Practitioner Training

This training will be offered to Sefton Council Social Worker employees working in Children’s Social Care.

It is anticipated that the venue for this learning to take place will be at the Ainsdale Corporate Learning Centre, as well as possibly Bootle Town Hall. Actual dates for the whole year commencing 1st April 2015 through to 31st March 2016 are to be confirmed with the Learning and Development Officer, once procurement has been completed and identified commissioning has been agreed.

The training is initially to be offered in 3 aspects (additional training sessions may be required and will be provided at the price quoted in your response); which will be a 2 day training programme for frontline practitioners.


Duration3 x 2 full days.

Timing9.30am to 12.30pm and 1.30pm to 4.30pm.

Maximum Number of Learners per session30

Number of events required – initially 3 x 2 day sessions.

Details of the 2 day course as follows:




Sefton are seeking a training package for 90 frontline staff and managers who regularly engage with families experiencing Domestic Abuse with a status of Complex Level 3 or below.




This training package will enhance and support frontline practitioners’ confidence, awareness, and skills when working with families experiencing domestic abuse.  It will adopt a genuine ‘whole family’ approach- including direct engagement with perpetrators, but with the safety and support of vulnerable adults and children at its core.




The training package has the following objectives:


1)    To raise awareness for practitioners about the psychology of domestic abuse perpetrators.


2)    To improve awareness of the different complex presentations of domestic abuse cases and the risks of disguised compliance.



3)    To increase staff confidence working directly with perpetrators and non-confrontationally challenging behaviour.


4)    To increase knowledge of the impact of domestic abuse directly on children and young people and how to incorporate the voice of the child in perpetrator work.



5)    To provide a range of clear structured resources for practitioners to allow them to:

a.    Engage and motivate perpetrators to address their abusive behaviour.

b.    Provide clear and robust safety planning to all members of the family.

c.    Determine need and refer Vulnerable Adults and Children and Young People to additional specialist services available locally.

d.    Actively monitoring risk and respond confidently and proactively to emerging concerns.


Trainer requirements (e.g. qualifications, experience, skills)


–           Experience of delivery of the subject matter along with details of any qualification you

feel relevant (not necessarily a teaching / training qualification).


–           Current experience of developing and delivering training in the areas above.


–           Evidence of continuing professional development in relation to the above areas, broad

knowledge of the subjects, including current research developments.




·         Pre/Post confidence measures

·         Pre/Post Scenario-based Skill assessment: Dynamic Risk decisions

·         Post training feedback

·         Follow-up survey (3-4 months post event)


*The Council has an indicative maximum budget of £6,500 (£2,167 per 2 day course) (inclusive of all associated costs for the 3 x 2 day sessions,) allocated for the above identified training.  The Council reserves the right not to consider any bid that exceeds the indicative maximum budget.


Mr Stuart Bate
Email Address:
0151 934 4288
0151 934 4579
The Town Hall
Trinity Road
L20 7AE
United Kingdom
Key Dates
24/04/2015 11:00
06/05/2015 12:00
Other Information
12 (months)
12 (months)

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